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  • GIII
    speed test discrepancies
    I'm using my home network with my laptop and my phone. Doing a speed test on each shows phone at 36…
    Answered Closed GIII 61 views 1 comment Most recent by catchtwentytwo
  • kwcoles
    Hole left in the wall
    Are we going to get High Split as when my new router and wifi were fitted by Spectrum there is a ho…
    Closed kwcoles 154 views 2 comments Most recent by William_M
  • T1_Harsh
    Spectrum Internet and Directv
    I am getting the Spectrum internet 300 mbps. I want to keep my Directv, will I have any issues?
    Answered ✓ Closed T1_Harsh 142 views 1 comment Most recent by Lyn_T
  • SteveZul
    Modem question
    Does the Spectrum modem have a software switch (or the like) that specifies whether the output goes…
    Answered Closed SteveZul 646 views 13 comments Most recent by SteveZul