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When Editing Posts, Please Allow a Delete Option

SatchSatch Posts: 3,641 helper

Hi Spectrum,


Please allow in the forum when one chooses to edit his/her posts, the option to delete the post entirely as part of the editing process.  Sometimes when quoting a post, my reply unintentionally becomes a part of the quote field.


It would be easier to delete the whole post in the editing process if that option was offered in the menus.



Best Answer

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,110 ADMIN
    Nov 08, 2017 Accepted Answer



    After further discussion, we determined that deleting own post should be enabled for all users.  With Lithium, it may be necessary to clear the history and log out, then back in to see the updated permissions.  We also updated image upload to be available to all users.  Thanks again for the suggestion. 




  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,110 ADMIN
    Nov 08, 2017



    You bring up a good point.    The settings for Fourms users to edit their own posts is currently set to disabled.   I am looking into this to see if this is something we want to enable for all users, or if there is specific reason it has been disabled by default.   In the mean time, I have enabled your ability to delete your own posts.   You should see it now in the "Options" drop down menu on each post.   Let me know if you are not seeing it and thanks for the suggestion! 



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