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Webmail Retains Inbox Items After Download to Outlook 2016

barberrrbarberrr Posts: 2
edited August 21 in Internet 2018 Archive Jan 08, 2018

I recently bought a new computer with a Windows 10 O/S. I installed a new copy of MS Office 2016. When I configured the email account for Outlook, I used the default settings which configured it for IMAP. But some of the functionality I had liked in Outlook on my old computer, which was a Windows 7 O/S and Outlook 2010, was missing -- no more reminder dates for email items and no more color categories for same.


I eventually learned it was because my previous email account had been POP3, and that my new IMAP email settings did not support such things. No problem, I deleted my new account in Outlook 2016 and reloaded it, this time selecting manual settings and making sure it was a POP3 account like before. That solved the previous set of problems (also had to add a new Key in the registry). But I just noticed one new problem. After I open my Inbox in Outlook 2016 and it "gets" the mail, when I later log into my webmail for the same account, the same items are still in THAT inbox even after I have moved them to other folders in Outlook or deleted them.


Have I somehow confused TWC/Spectrum with my changes in Outlook, and the webmail server is still waiting for an IMAP account download before it "deletes" the webmail inbox, even though I have already downloaded everything to the POP3 mail address with which I manually replaced the original IMAP mail address?

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  • stanncstannc Posts: 420
    Jan 09, 2018 Accepted Answer
    Ensure that your Outlook settings for your email account specify "delete mail from server" when downloading.


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