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Missing Channels on Spectrum app (resolved 2/7/2018)



  • Chocodille1Chocodille1 Posts: 9
    Feb 06, 2018
    Day 5 for me 😡
  • Chocodille1Chocodille1 Posts: 9
    Feb 06, 2018
    Same here, can only get it watch on my phone. Watching that way isn’t enjoyable
  • ryan0514ryan0514 Posts: 1
    Feb 06, 2018

    Even more (edited) for those of us on Spectrum TV Stream. We don't have the option to watch them thru a hardwire connection. Only thru the Spectrum app or the pay channel apps. Since the pay channel apps won't log in because the Spectrum server says that we don't currently subscribe to these channels, we are completely cut off.

  • Chocodille1Chocodille1 Posts: 9
    Feb 07, 2018
    It’s about time ! Premium channels finally up & running on Roku. I expect to be compensated for this 7 day loss of service.
  • MadCow333MadCow333 Posts: 12
    Feb 12, 2018

    The Roku app has been consistently unreliable.   I've used it for about a year now, and  found it so unreliable that it's not a viable replacement for Spectrum's rental boxes.     I actually think Spectrum makes this app shoddy on purpose so people will rent boxes.   I have 2 bedroom TVs that use the Spectrum Roku app as their sole access to cable TV.   The more critical TVs are on rental boxes from Spectrum.  

  • Just_the_customJust_the_custom Posts: 2
    Feb 28, 2018
    Agreed... thought the same thing when I read the above...
  • BWATBWAT Posts: 1
    Mar 03, 2018

    Good luck with that.  I was promised one for this issue - it never materalized.

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