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Spectrum TV System Needs To Be Updated For "Resume" & DVR Features

BozBoz Posts: 369

I have been testing Sling TV.


If I'm watching something on Sling TV on one device and I decide to move another device, all I have to do is stop watching it on the first device, go to the other device, select the programming in Sling, and options to "Resume", "Watch Live", and "Start Over" are presented, allowing me to continue watching content on the other device without missing anything.


Of course, something like this is also available when viewing programming on Netflix.


Not only that, but starting and watching DVR recordings is also available from any device I log in to using Sling.


I'm guessing that other streaming services have similar features.


When will spectrumtv.com / the Spectrum TV app system have these "Resume" and DVR record/watch from any device features avaialble?


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,110 ADMIN
    Feb 22, 2018



    Thanks for the feedback.  Our product teams are continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience with the services we provide.  We will pass along your suggestions.  


    Any feature updates are typically announced prior to launch.  For current updates, please refer to https://www.spectrum.net/support/.


    Thanks for your particiaption in the Forums!  



    Spectrum Social Media Customer Care 

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