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On Demand Channels Not Being updated

SilverSilver Posts: 2

This question is for Spectrum representative

The programs posted on your Demand Channels are not organized correctly, are missing shows, and are not being updated at all. On most of the channels, the On Demand shows are missing episodes and they are not in order.  For example episode 1 and 2 of a show may be present but episodes 3 and 4 will be missing and the list jumps to 5. This is very inconvenient for people that only watch on Demand. This situation has been like this for months and we never had this issue when the service was underTime Warner.  This indicates that the issue is not the contant providers but rather the service provider, Spectrum.  Every time I contact support, I am told that there are issues with the Spectrum servers and the technical staff are working on it.  At the mean time you are advertising On Demand products and charging your clients for it. 

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  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,639 helper
    Feb 26, 2018 Accepted Answer

    @Silver wrote:
    I have called them a number of times and their excuse is that the servers are having issues which is far from the truth.



    This is 100% true.  I had a tech here to do some outside wiring updates and update our inside cable line.  (Our main inner line was 30 years old!)  We were having cable TV pixilation, occasional Internet drops, and phone issues.  He put in a new line  and called maintenance, to fix another small issue with the signal, 


    He told us there's a nationwide problem going on with On Demand.  On Demand is working, but it's not uploading new content on many channels.  It's something nationwide with the servers.




  • calmkzacalmkza Posts: 1
    Feb 25, 2018

    As I was typing this I realized I was actually talking to Spectrum and not necessarily the community.  So hopefully Spectrum keeps an eye on the forums.


    With my family's chaotic schedule, pretty much every show we watch is via On Demand.  Unfortunately, almost all of them have stopped being updated with new content (and I've verified that new episodes have actually aired).  It's been almost a month for many of them despite their inclusion in the "Last Night on Primetime".  Does anyone else have this issue?


    If someone from Spectrum decides to reply, please know that I'm not buying the excuse that you can only publish what content owners allow you to publish or what they send you.  When the company was still Time Warner, the day after an episode aired I could find and watch it On Demand and seasons wouldn't have random episodes go missing.  Once Charter/Spectrum started putting their stamp on things, service at my house took a nose dive.  Is it my equipment or my account or something?


    Also, please don't direct me to the mobile app as you did to another customer about a week ago.  How can you possibly think that watching TV on an iPhone is an acceptable alternative to watching it on a big, beautiful HDTV (like we're paying for)?  We pay far too much for these services to be told, "Watch it on your iPad".  But if that's what you're going to tell us then drop our bill to the cost of a mobile app.


    We've had TWC for many years and have honestly never had a problem.  So the only thing that's changed is you.  Please fix these issues!  I really don't want to switch providers but I may have to.

  • SilverSilver Posts: 2
    Feb 25, 2018
    I have called them a number of times and their excuse is that the servers are having issues which is far from the truth.
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