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Watch ABC App No longer works out of market

Hello....recently we have noticed the Watch ABC app on the Apple TV and iPad have stopped working in out of market locations....both will not prompt for the Spectrum account sign-on information, just gives an error screen of either "Error null" or "Error noauthz". Have tried signing out & back in & restarting the device, without any success.


Watch ABC technical support was contacted first, and they say its a Spectrum issue.  This used to work up until about a week ago.    Any suggestions?

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  • pcaffreypcaffrey Posts: 7
    Feb 28, 2018 Accepted Answer

    What i mean by "out of market" is some place outside of home area;  for example, I am in the Hudson Valley NY (Middletown/Kingston) Spectrum area.  If I go to my in-laws in Rochester, which is a different market than my home,  I could use the Watch ABC app on either my Apple TV or Ipad to watch shows available on that app (the only exception might be the live ABC TV feed)


    From online discussions with the Spectrum Facebook team, this appears to be an issue that they are escalating.  The Individual TV channel apps (ABC, Fox, NBC, TNT, etc) should allow this.  The only exceptions will be attempting to watch ABC, etc. via the Spectrum TV app, which does not allow this, which is the equivalent of carrying around your cable set-top box.


  • BozBoz Posts: 369
    Feb 27, 2018

    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?


    If not, that might be worth a try.

  • pcaffreypcaffrey Posts: 7
    Feb 27, 2018

    Thanks for the response....Yes, did that already....no change.  Also you cannot uninstall/reinstall Apple TV apps


  • dstoffadstoffa Posts: 988
    Feb 27, 2018

    When you write "out-of-market", are you implying that you wish to watch your local ABB Station when you are traveling in other cities / markets?  But it does work when you are in your home market / at home?


    I recall reading that only O&O (owned and operated network) Stations were on-board with streaming apps, and that for affiliates, each individual station needed to enter some type of streaming rights aggreement.

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