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Remote Controls For The Elderly?

SatchSatch Posts: 3,641 helper
in TV Equipment Feb 27, 2018

Hey All,


I am trying to assist a customer who needs a remote control for an elderly person, as the Spectrum supplied remote for this person has too many buttons for them.  As the former TWC used to offer what was called "The Big Button" remote, I was wondering if Spectrum still had these?  Are they still offered at a Spectrum Store?


I also looked at Amazon for "Remote Controls for the Elderly" and came across this remote from Sony that has a lot of good reviews:




I mentioned maybe they could try that if the Big Button models weren't offered anymore from Spectrum.



Accepted Answers


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,110 ADMIN
    Feb 28, 2018



    The page on Spectrum.net for Accessibility Options says that large button remotes can be obtained at a local Spectrum Store.  Feel free to send a PM if the customer needs assistance or cannot get to a Spectrum Store. 



  • agentx5agentx5 Posts: 815
    Mar 15, 2018

    @James_M  can you confirm/deny if they can still be EZ Connect shipped/mailed to customers too?


    I ask because I know that sometimes driving to the local store isn't an option for some of our senior citizen customers.  Sometimes the shipping fee is worth it, depending on the customer's transportation options.

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