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channels still locked on app while at home

so, I just got spectrum service today, and I have my phone connected to the WiFi here at home. I have a spectrum modem, and my own router. when I go into the app, only about half of the channels are accessible, and it keeps saying "connect to home wifi for more" well I'm at home, and I have my phone connected to my wifi, so I'd think that would unlock the rest of the features. am I missing something?

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  • CxthuluCxthulu Posts: 108
    Apr 19, 2018 Accepted Answer

    Hello kylyrbahnsen,


    The system normally takes a few days to normalize and update your account to reflect the new install properly. 


    With the Application as you see, it needs to recognize that the modem you are attached to is your dedicated home device, without that, some of the offering is unavailable.


    Log into your Spectrum account, and check on your internet devices by going to the internet tab, and you should see the modem you have installed at your home, and confirm the MAC address is right. If you don't see a device listed, then it isn't updated yet and the system is still in need of updates.


    This is all done automatically, so unless you change the modem again, it should update fairly soon after install, i haven't ever seen them take more than 2-3 days after installation, but it's not unheard of to not work same day.


    You can always call the customer support number, but again, they can't force the device on however they can check balancing on your account and ensuring everything is properly set up for the servcies to work properly.

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