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NHK Japanese Network GONE????

7Thunders7Thunders Posts: 5

          The NHK Network appears to be gone.   I have tried to "Chat" with Spectrum asking if it was moved but I couldn't tell if I was talking to a "robot" system or a live person.    They had me "unplug and plug back in" my box.   Could NOT tell me a simple answer of "Yes, Spectrum with no notice removed the programming" or "It is on another channel".   

               I would like to get an answer but when I talk to people they seem like people that are only told to read from a script.    No real answers.    Any one know how to find out? 

Best Answer

  • pastelero79pastelero79 Posts: 53
    Apr 22, 2018 Accepted Answer

    Hello there,


    I put your zip code into the channel lineup tool and found your channel. Since i am in Texas, we don't have that channel. I found it on 1279 where the upper locals are. You can check out all your channels with this tool:



    I think this use to be in the 200s, but since its only in the NYC system, they moved it to the 1200s.  





  • 7Thunders7Thunders Posts: 5
    Apr 21, 2018

               F.Y.I   I am in Brookyn  Zip Code 11231.       This channel being gone will help to determine if I finally cut the "cable" and move to just digital 

  • 7Thunders7Thunders Posts: 5
    May 05, 2018

      Thanks.  That actually worked

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