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Slow upload speeds

TomanatrixTomanatrix Posts: 3
in Connectivity Apr 26, 2018

For the longest time I have had amazing service but, since I have returned home from the hospital my upload speeds have been around 30% or under what they are supposed to be.  Like most people in my area I am on the 100/10 package.


Unfortunately I'm only able to achieve about 3mbps up but I still maintain 110+ on the downstream.  I have had technician show up and he replaced everything all the way from the drop and swapped out my modem, which resulted in no change and said they would have to involve maintenance in the issue.  


Does anyone have any idea what they are supposed to do or how long is regularly takes?  I have tried to browse my way around but haven't quite found any posts anywhere with quite the same issue that I have.  I just want to get what i pay for so I may use my internet the way I want without suffering from stutters and lag.  Any input is appreciated.


*EDIT* forgot to add this


Hardware Revision:1.01
MAC Address: 
Bootloader Revision:2.5.0beta8_R4
Current Software Revision:d3216-P20-12-c5000r55104-161228a
Firmware Name:d3216-P20-12-c5000r55104-161228a.bin
Firmware Build Time:Dec 28 16:16:40 2016
Cable Modem Status:Operational
Cable Modem State  
DOCSIS Downstream Scanning:Completed
DOCSIS Ranging:Completed
DOCSIS Data Reg Complete:Completed
DOCSIS Privacy:Enabled
Downstream Channels  
 Power Level:Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1:6.2 dBmV40.1 dB
Channel 2:6.1 dBmV40.4 dB
Channel 3:6.3 dBmV40.5 dB
Channel 4:6.3 dBmV40.3 dB
Channel 5:6.4 dBmV40.3 dB
Channel 6:6.2 dBmV40.2 dB
Channel 7:5.8 dBmV40.2 dB
Channel 8:5.3 dBmV40.0 dB
Channel 9:4.6 dBmV39.8 dB
Channel 10:4.0 dBmV39.7 dB
Channel 11:3.4 dBmV39.4 dB
Channel 12:2.6 dBmV39.1 dB
Channel 13:2.3 dBmV38.9 dB
Channel 14:1.9 dBmV38.7 dB
Channel 15:2.2 dBmV38.9 dB
Channel 16:2.7 dBmV38.6 dB
Upstream Channels  
 Power Level:
Channel 1:41.5 dBmV
Channel 2:40.5 dBmV
Channel 3:41.0 dBmV
Channel 4:41.8 dBmV


  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,208 ✭✭✭✭
    Apr 27, 2018

    Usually upload problems point to trouble with the US channels, but that is not always the case, as your situation illustrates.  Your upstream power levels look OK, but I do see indications of a lack of maintenance on the outside cable plant. 

    Your strongest DS channel is 5, being delivered at 6.4 dBmV and the weakest DS is channel 14 being delivered at 1.9 dBmV.  The difference between them is 4.5 dB, but for proper modem operation the dynamic (strongest to weakest) signal range should not exceed 3.0 dB.

    I would recommend first that you have Spectrum re-flash your modem firmware for the correct speed tier.  Next, if that does not get you back to 10-13 Mbps uplolads, request a home service tech visit, and insist that the HS tech write up a work ticket for the Tier 3 maintenance crew to re-level the line amplifiers to meet the dynamic range spec. 

    It usually takes about a week to schedule the bucket truck teams after the HS tech writes the work ticket.  Once on site, they may find other issues that don't show up in the modem's reports.  Be sure you get a copy of the work ticket, or at very least the ticket number, so you can chase it through Spectrum's system! 

  • TomanatrixTomanatrix Posts: 3
    Apr 27, 2018
    Maintenance tech just showed up in a bucket truck.  Unfortunately, with my limited mobility and all, I didnt manage to go out to speak with him.  He was here for a max of 10 minutes and was gone.  No change at all with my speed :/
    As far as modem changes may have gone...

    Hardware Revision:
    MAC Address:
    Bootloader Revision:
    Current Software Revision:
    Firmware Name:
    Firmware Build Time:
    Dec 28 16:16:40 2016
    Cable Modem Status:

    Cable Modem State

    DOCSIS Downstream Scanning:
    DOCSIS Ranging:
    DOCSIS Data Reg Complete:
    DOCSIS Privacy:

    Downstream Channels

    Power Level:
    Signal to Noise Ratio:
    Channel 1:
    5.9 dBmV
    40.3 dB
    Channel 2:
    5.7 dBmV
    40.5 dB
    Channel 3:
    5.8 dBmV
    40.5 dB
    Channel 4:
    5.7 dBmV
    40.3 dB
    Channel 5:
    5.9 dBmV
    40.4 dB
    Channel 6:
    5.7 dBmV
    40.2 dB
    Channel 7:
    5.4 dBmV
    40.2 dB
    Channel 8:
    4.9 dBmV
    40.1 dB
    Channel 9:
    4.2 dBmV
    39.9 dB
    Channel 10:
    3.7 dBmV
    39.8 dB
    Channel 11:
    3.2 dBmV
    39.5 dB
    Channel 12:
    2.4 dBmV
    39.3 dB
    Channel 13:
    2.1 dBmV
    39.2 dB
    Channel 14:
    1.9 dBmV
    39.0 dB
    Channel 15:
    2.3 dBmV
    39.2 dB
    Channel 16:
    2.9 dBmV
    39.0 dB

    Upstream Channels

    Power Level:
    Channel 1:
    41.5 dBmV
    Channel 2:
    40.5 dBmV
    Channel 3:
    40.8 dBmV
    Channel 4:
    41.8 dBmV
    Not much of a change there either.  Not sure what else they have left to do, but whatever did get done fixed nothing Smiley Sad


    Was contacted by a buddy who was a tech who told me there was some water damage that the tech couldn't see. That was reported as fixed but unfortunately, still, upload speeds remain around 1.5 - 3.5 and usually stays around 2
  • TomanatrixTomanatrix Posts: 3
    May 01, 2018

    Well new update, though there's nothing that can be done from my home to try and make anything better, a tech returned earlier today.  He went back through everything he went through before and again no avail.  But, fortunately, he went over to a neighbors house and checked their speeds as well.  GUESS WHAT!!! Theirs sucked too.  He said all he could do is escalate the issue beyond tech and maintenance due to there is nothing they can do about the issue so as far as I can tell.  It's just gonna be a waiting game until someone finally decides to take the time to hunt down the issue and fix it I suppose :/

  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,207 Lead Mod
    May 10, 2018

    @Tomanatrix Any update on the situation? Are you still having problems or have those been resolved? 


    Julia R.
    Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
    Lead Moderator-Community Forums

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