Porting a New Jersey based Verizon phone number

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in Digital Phone Jul 23, 2018

Is it possible to port a Verizon land line number from New Jersey to the Spectrum VOIP service in South Carolina?


Vonage, Ooma, etc.  show that it's possible, will Spectrum allow it? 


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    Jul 23, 2018



    To port land lines, the rate centers need to match, so the short answer is that you cannot port a landline in New Jersey to a landline in South Carolina.  However, you can port the number to a mobile phone.  


    If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


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    Jul 24, 2018

    You could port the New Jersey number to Google Voice, wait a few days, and then ask Spectrum to port in your Google Voice phone number.

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    If the phone number is not from the same "rate center" you will not be able to port that to another state. The are code and "rate center" would need to be the same. 


    as @James_M mentioned you can however port to a cellular company and take that phone where you would like, keeping the number. 


    Reading a bit about porting to Google Voice I see "Corporate, landline, Internet-based (VoIP), and some other numbers can't be transferred." It does say you can (in most cases) transfer to a cellular and then to Google Voice. It does look like there is a fee for that. 


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