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Questions about low internet assistance program?

psongmanpsongman Posts: 81
edited August 21 in Internet 2018 Archive Jul 25, 2018

OK, a few of use went  to the low internet assistance website connected with Spectrum and called the number they post there. Well, it takes you nowhere, no customer service to talk to about getting into this program as it just keeps sending you back to the website, no real person. and on and on......3 months ago we were able to  connect easily.


So,  if  you have to direct or redirect me, like to another forum or person, please help, or assist with a number to call, that would be able to further our needs, thanks!

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  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,243 ADMIN
    Jul 26, 2018 Accepted Answer



    I've included a link to the information page about Spectrum Internet Assist.   If you meet the requirements, you can contact us at 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328) or visit a local store for assistance.  


  • dstoffadstoffa Posts: 994 ✭✭✭✭
    Jul 26, 2018

    What is "Low Internet Assistance?"  Are you referring to the low-cost internet service that Spectrum offers to those who qualify?  (Qualification is VERY difficult).

  • psongmanpsongman Posts: 81
    Jul 30, 2018

    OK< I  jus t told you in my post that this link, doesn't work and you try and send me there anyways. I am telling  you,  it takes you nowhere,  got it. Someone please fix the website and the phone won't let  you talk to anyone!


  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 777 ✭✭✭✭
    Jul 30, 2018
    You have to be applying for new service and basically verify you are on at least one of several specific government assistance programs to qualify. It is all right there on the page where you were directed.

    Social Security retirement does not qualify... and it generally is not an option for existing internet subscribers. I found this out when I called in a while back for my mother without first looking at the website (called the 800 Spectrum number that was on my bill).

    If you need assistance with the cost of your plans, you may want to visit your local office. Some markets may have some flexibility with promotion s that can help you out. YMMV of course, but our office is very good about helping folks out... pretty much only call the 800 number for service instability issues now.
  • RickERickE Posts: 586 ✭✭✭✭
    Aug 03, 2018

    If you are New York State, you have the option of Everyday Low Price Internet service, which is 3Mbps down, 1 Mbps up for $14.99 per month.

  • psongmanpsongman Posts: 81
    Aug 12, 2018

    I qualify for the low internet assistance program as I was in touch with them for like a  month, three months  ago. Now, you can't, repeat cannot, get through to anybody. I mean how can you find out any more info or talk with someone. Something happened recently.  i am going to call up somone with some clout which I do have access to,  but you shouldn't have to do that, but whoever blocked connecting is at fault!

  • pizznycpizznyc Posts: 20
    Aug 12, 2018
    My aunt signs up using that website link and I don’t have any problems signing up. Maybe there’s a weird glitch on your PC. Or there’s a mess up with spectrum.

    Hope this works itself out whatever way possible..?So you get some finacial help!! Smiley Happy
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