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Provide Easier Access to Subscribed Services/Pricing @ "My Account" Website

SatchSatch Posts: 3,641 helper

Dear Spectrum,


I recommend that when customers are viewing the billing part of "My Account" (Formerlly "My Services,") that their should be an easier way to see see an itemized list of subscribed services and charges associated with their account.


There is a way to do this currently. BUT you have to go to the "Upgrade My Services" option to see the itemized list.  Note that you don't have to upgrade, but if you ever see the "Upgrade My Services" option, click on that and look at the upper right-side of your screen.  You will see an itemized list of your Spectrum services, prices, and a total.  It is similar to your online/paper statement ,except taxes and franchise fees are not included.


I am proposing to make that statement list more easily available.  For instance, when you log into your Spectrum "My Services" account, at the top of the page, a tab that says, "My Current Services and Charges."  Note the following:


1.) You can currently only see the services and charges list using the update services option.  This may make the customer feel obligated to update, when all they want to do is see their services and price totals.


2.) If you make changes to your services, you can look under Recent Changes/Charges. But that is very unorganized and confusing.  Seeing a clear itemized list of what you have and the charges you are paying when using the Update My Services Option" if that list was more easily accessible, it would help a lot of customers.


3.) Currently, all you can review in "My Account" with regards to billing, are your "Recent Changes/Charges" and current balance, and must wait for your online statement, or use the "Update My Services" option to see the list of services and charges. (Or wait in the mail for your paper statement.)


4.) I understand that it would not be possible to list the taxes and franchise fees on the itemized service list at "My Services" because these rates vary by community and municipality.


5.) I understand that a reasonable amount of time for processing will be needed to add/delete.or make changes to the services and price lists.  All that is needed is a way for an itemized list of customer's subscribed services and pricing to be readily accessible at the "My Account" website.




  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,110 ADMIN
    Aug 07, 2018



    Thanks, these are great suggestions.   We are actually starting a project in the near future (early 2019, maybe) in collaboration with the website team to get this type of feedback.  They are specifically interested in feedback from Forums users.  I will be sure to invite you when we have more details. 


    If there are any other members that are interested in also providing feedback, please reply with a comment and I will be sure to reach out to each of you when the project gets rolling. 



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