Spectrum Voice International Calling Features Question?

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Spectrum Voice Plan has an optional international $5.00 per month calling plan   I have it included in my Triple Play Package.  It allows calling for free up to 70 popular countries and lower rates everywhere else.


This PDF file shows the countries and rates list.  However, look at the Spectrum International Voice Plan:




Why don't calls on the International Voice Plan show up as $0 charges?  There are decimal point places carried out to like hundreths of a cent and beyond to the right of the zeros.  Here is Germany's figures on the Spectrum Voice Plan as an example:


The format did not carry from the PDF file format.  But why are there any charges at all?  The Spectrum International Plan should show zero dollars as part of the plan.  $0.0038? What kind of represenation is that?
As the graphic below shows, Germany should not cost anything for customers on the Spectrum International Voice Plan.  (Hover over the graphic,and click on it to enlarge the image.)
Spectrum Calling Features 3.JPG



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    That PDF file is inaccurate with regards to any pricing under the Spectrum International Voice plan for the 70 countries that should have a $0 charge associated with that country,  It is also listed data from 2017.


    Spectrum International Voice may be included with some packages.  If not, it is $5.00.month in addition to Spectrum Voice (Phone Service.)  National Long Distance is free with all Spectrum phone plans,


    To get updated rates, go to Spectrum's website. and go to the Phone section here:




    About half way down the page, you'll see a graphic where you can see the per minute rates for each international country.  Calls on the Spectrum International Voice Plan are marked clearly and are free with subscribers on the International Voice Plan. 




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