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Remote control

DojrfanDojrfan Posts: 1
in TV Equipment Aug 28, 2018

How does the page and day button work.?

ive tried it when using the guide but nothing happens.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,094 ADMIN
    Aug 28, 2018



    I've provided a link to remote support that you may find helpful:   Remote Control Support link.  You may also need to restart the cable box.   


    If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


    Please contact us at: 

  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,640 helper
    Aug 28, 2018

    @Dojrfan wrote:

    How does the page and day button work.?

    ive tried it when using the guide but nothing happens.



    The remote was designed to work acorss many types of Spectrum boxes and Guides.  However, there are a few functions that work with some guides and not others.


    The Day button and Page up/down buttons only work with the Navigator Guide and maybe Spectrum's New Cloud-Based Guide gradually being rolled out to some markets.


    The Day button and Page Up/Down buttons don't work AFAIK on I-Guide.


    I have added two pictures so that you can see what Navigator and I-Guide look like:  (The top one is Navigator.  The bottom one is I-Guide.)  Have to research if the Day/Page buttons work on the new Spectrum Guide.  That guide is the newest and is an ongloing development concerning features and implimentation,   Some areas of Texas, California, and New York have it at this time.





    PS.  Update: A,B, C buttons on remote also do not work on I-Guide.  If your remote has a D button, that doesn't do anything on any guide at this time.


    ABC Buttons on Navigator Guide have the following options:


    A button- Brings up the On Screen Turn on Access Menu., Unless you have the latest update, where the A button is now "Accessibility Menu."  Than it brings up quick access to Closed Captioning and SAP options.


    B button- Searches for a program- (Types of Search depend on box type and version of Navigator installed.)


    C Button- Goes back to the previous screen in Navigator or Exits if there is no previous screen.


    Some screens have prompts, explaining what these buttons do depending on where you are in the menu navigation.






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