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Ongoing problems with On Demand and Search

Over the last several weeks, i've been having ongoing issues with On Demand:

1. Playback is pixellated--breaking up continually and therefore impossible to watch--I may have to try 3-5 times at different times of the day to be able to watch a show. 


2. Several times a day I get "service is temporarily unavailable" messages when I want either to watch on demand or when I try to search for a TV show (using the B button on the remote).


I have a new DVR and Modem, so it's not (or shouldn't be) equipment issues. 

It's frustrating to be paying for services I so often do not get to use.  And when "On Demand" isn't very "On Demand" :-)


I'm tired of rebooting the system and resetting it--it should be more reliable without constant rebooting.



  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Oct 19, 2018

    You likely have coax issues. You need a tech out to check the signals and drop line to make sure there is no damaged cable, standing water in the outside boxes, or other issues. One thing you can do is ensure that all connections are tight, no cable run goes unterminated, and that there are no obvious signs of hungry squirrels anywhere you have access.


    Has anything changed in the past few weeks? Storms? Wind? Utility crews working on lines?

  • BaseballmavenBaseballmaven Posts: 5
    Oct 19, 2018

    I hadn't thought about the coax as potential issues--we had a freak thunderstorm last week and always have issues of squirrels/rodents chewing the wires running down the alley--I'll call support...Thanks for your help!


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Oct 19, 2018

    Customers and even many techs tend to blame equipment first, whether it be the set top boxes or modems for internet, but they are rarely the cause of the problems most people have. It's just easier to replace a box or modem (or constantly reboot) as a band-aid measure.

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