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Error codes and redirect loops when logging into My Account

James_MJames_M Posts: 2,240 ADMIN
edited September 15 in Managing & Using your Spectrum Account Oct 26, 2018

When logging into my account, customers sometimes get an error code or a redirect loop that takes them back to a log in page.  We take your account security seriously and there are several reasons why you may get a redirect loop, including:


  • The account has been closed. When an account is in a disconnect status, access is blocked. 
  • There is a billing issue. You will need to contact support directly for assistance.
  • You recently moved, or a move is scheduled. Account numbers are based on the physical address where service is provided.  If you are moving or recently moved, you will get a new account number, even if services were transferred.  You will need to create a new log in with the new account number to access online billing information. 
  • The website is down. This can include for maintenance or another issue.  If one of the above explanations do not apply to you, then the site may be down.  Please try again in a few minutes and if you continue to get the same message, contact support directly.
  • Anytime you get a redirect loop, Forum peers will not be able to assist. You will need to contact support directly for further assistance.   


We can be reached at:

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