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Order lead time?

tomb73tomb73 Posts: 20
in Spectrum Mobile Nov 07, 2018

Just ordered new phones, to shift from our annoying T-Mobile service to the Spectrum Mobile environment.    Was wondering what sort of timeframe we should expect on receiving the phones (iPhone Xs and Xs Max), as we leave for our Thanksgiving vacation in 8 days.   The Spectrum folks said 2-3 business days, but.....

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  • tomb73tomb73 Posts: 20
    Nov 12, 2018 Accepted Answer

    So, Fedex delivered our new phones this AM about 10:20.   Had already done the 'get ready to activate' process to transfer our numbers over on the website, so started activation about 10:35.    Awaiting the email confirmation.


    EDIT:   Email received, setup new phones, and have received activation messages for them both (have not actually used one yet, though), now 'restoring' our very large backups (with photos, videos,  and music we have over 70GB of stuff!).   Sadly it appears the 'new' iPhones may still be USB 2 speeds (sigh).


    So, about 24 hours from order to shipping (may have been expedited by my calling them to let them know I was on the verge of traveling on an extended trip),  2+ business days and 2 weekend days for receipt of the phones, and approximately an hour for activation.    Not too shabby,  now I just hope the better service is worth the expense and (slight) hassle.   


  • tomb73tomb73 Posts: 20
    Nov 08, 2018

    OK, just to update my own post, took 24 hours to get the 'order successful' email.   Now am waiting for the next email, which I 'hope' will be the shipping notification.   They have charged my credit card.

  • tomb73tomb73 Posts: 20
    Nov 09, 2018

    Update 2, got a shipping confirmation about an hour after my card was charged.   Sadly, it appears to be going to take 3 days to get the 18 miles from the city of origin to my home in a suburb of that city...   Oh, well.

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,102 ADMIN
    Nov 09, 2018



    Thanks for the updates.  If you run into any issues,  you can reach Spectrum Mobile support at 1-833-224-6603. 



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