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Voicemail setup?

tomb73tomb73 Posts: 20
in Spectrum Mobile Dec 04, 2018

We switched to Spectrum Mobile, and now am having some issues setting up our mobile voicemail.   There don't really seem to be any instructions on it on the Spectrum website, and the things I have found tell me to 'go into the app and select the voicemail tab'.   But the My Spectrum Mobile app on my iPhone does not have a voicemail tab.     Before I give their support line a call thought I'd see if I was missing something.   The iPhone app I have is version 2.2.1.    Anyone able to point me at a 'voicemail setup' article or tell my why my app does not have voicemail setup?   thanks in advance....


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,080 admin
    Dec 04, 2018



    Unlike Spectrum Digital Home Phone, voicemail for Spectrum Mobile is set up directly on the device itself.  


    For iPhone: 


    Select the Phone Icon > Voicemail (lower right corner) > Greeting (upper left corner) > Choose default or custom.   


    From settings, select Phone and then scroll down to change the voicemail password. 


     Hope this was helpful! 

  • tomb73tomb73 Posts: 20
    Dec 04, 2018

    iPhone would not let me setup using the phone/greeting screens.   Got an apple error message trying to save my greeting:   com.apple.mobilephone error 1035


    So, googled that, and in an AT&T forum it indicated pressing 1 on the phone keypad, which by default dials your voicemail, was how to setup your iPhone.   Tried that, and got a dialogue which let me set prompt language, password for the mailbox, and greeting.     Have not tried the other dialogues  on the phone (password and greeting) to see if they now work, but am 'assuming' that they will.   Did call and leave a message for myself to validate functioning...  


    Still looks like spectrum mobile may have some kinks to work out for their new service, but so far our signals have been superior to T-Mobile for our calling area.

  • tomb73tomb73 Posts: 20
    Dec 04, 2018
    Oh, if Spectrum Mobile is monitoring these forums, they might want to add something to the FAQ on this.
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