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Spectrum refuses to give firmware updates to modems

Matt1979Matt1979 Posts: 1
in Home Networking Dec 08, 2018
I have spectrum 100 down in 10 up my modem which is a net gear CM 600 requires a firmware update and has to be done from the ISP which a spectrum...
I talk to spectrum spectrum Spectrum refuses to do so because they believe it's them manufacture
I was on a 3 way call with the manufacture in spectrum and the manufacturer net gear told spectrum that it is their responsibility to update the firmware on the customers modem
Because the Internet's going you to it and that it's compatible with their system spectrum still refuses and tells me I have to use they are modem which I don't want to do..
What do I do because my Internet is intermittent I'm getting kicked off my hard wire it saying I have a not average to average connection when I'm hard wired to the modem I have interment Wi-Fi I'm using a spectrum router but spectrum refuses to update the firmware on my netgear CM 600
Net gear told me that the update to the firmware would fix all these issues but again spectrum refusers what do I do???

Best Answer

  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Dec 09, 2018 Accepted Answer

    Customer service reps have ZERO control over firmware.


    Modem manufacturers create the firmware for devices they make, then make the update available to the ISPs. ISPs then send the update to devices on their respective networks only when they have fully tested the update and certified that:

    1) It is important,

    2) It is necessary, 

    3) It does not adversely impact the network or fellow customers.


    Having said that, your problems are likely not caused by firmware but are rather classic signs of a signal problem caused by damaged coax or loose connections. Post the modem's signal levels page from Something obvious may jump out.

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