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Hitron eMTA modem E31N2V1---BAD CHIP--PUMA 7

jegesqjegesq Posts: 48
in Connectivity Dec 09, 2018

i was recently supplied by Spectrum with a Hitron E31N2V1 modem.  I have had "Ultra" service for more than a year since I switch from legacy TWC to Spectrum and went to 300/20 service.  I have been using an Arris SB6183,  which has performed flawlessly, and I have routinely received 450-360mbps down and 20-25mbps up.   

This past Tuesday, I went to the Spectrum store and received the new Hitron, since the SB6183 is not capable of receiving the 400mbps download speed (it's only a 16-channel device).    Went home, activated the new Hitron and here's where the fun began. 


First, apparently there is an "Ultra 1" and "Ultra 2" coding.  So the tech had to switch my codes over so that they no longer showed "customer owned modem" and I needed to be switched to "Ultra 2" (at least that's what I was told.   We finally get the modem to lock on to a signal,  and apparently it downloaed some new firmware (all three lights kept pulsing in sequence:  Power, then Online, then Voice, and so on and so forth.  That took close to an hour before the Hitron locked on to show just "Power" and "Online" in solid blue (which I was told indicates a DocSis3.1  connection). 

So first thing I did was run several speed tests,  using a variety of different online tests, e.g., DSLReports.com's speed test,  Ookla's Speedtest.net in several different flavors (and switching servers to see how accurate and consistent the results would be). 

The bottom line:   Download was fine, usually at 450+ to over 500.  This was repeatable all day long. 

But to put it bluntly, the upload just sucks.  9mbps,  11,  12,  15,  maybe at most 16.9, but that's the top end.   Never 20.  And never the overprovisioned speeds that I am supposed to be receiving (which is why using the SB6183 I regularly got in excess of 20mbps upload speed). 


So I complain.  Loudly and several times.  Techs over the phone at Spectrum try everything they can think of.  Nothing works.   Upload speeds continue to suck.    So they recommend rolling a truck to my home.   Guy shows up the next day, bright and early and he runs a speed test using his handheld monitor.   Same results as I get:   480-500 down,  9, 10, 11 and maybe 17 at most on the upload side.    He checks the wiring everywhere.  We try running tests connected directly to the modem, switch cables, etc.   Nothing changes.   Tech runs checks on wiring throughout the house.  No signal loss anywhere he can locate.    Says nothing more he can do about it. 


Tech pulls a new Hitron E31N2V1 off his truck and replaces the one I got, just to see if mine was somehow defective.   Same results.  Every time.   So tech says, nothing he can do.  End of service call.  (BTW,  he said that with the new Hitron's being locked down tight, there's no way he can examine signal levels within the modem itself.  He bemoaned the fact that these new modems are locked down, and further that techs no longer have the laptops they used to use to test lines and signals.  The new handheld monitors they use are really only glorified little monochrome monitors that allow them to run Spectrum.Speedtest.net and not much more).    But I digress:  


So I do some online research about these new  Hitron modems that Spectrum is using.   And the bad news....very bad news,  is that they all use the Intel Puma 7 chipset.  Not the same as the Puma 6 chipset that is now the subject of a class action lawsuit against Arris and intel arising from Arris selling defective modems that suffered from very high latency (the SB6190s').   But the Puma 7 is still reportedly suffering from its own upload lag and latency issues.  See https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/08/14/intel_puma_modem/


So the bad news is that Spectrum is pushing out modems that have similar latency issues to those found in the admittedly defective Puma 6 chips, and Intel still has no solution or fix for the Puma 7 problems.    


The exceedingly bad news is that the latency issue with the Hitron's and the Puma 7 chip is not the worst of the problems with Puma 7's.   Apparently there is a serious security issue where if an attacker does a WAN scan using a particular combination of code, it will knock the modem offline completely.   See https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32071020-Internet-Rogers-modem-router-rebooting-on-wan-scans-by-design


So the bottom line from my perspective is this:   Spectrum apparently does not allow a customer owned modem to be provisions for 400/20 tier or Gig tier speeds, and is now only handing out these new Docsis 3.1's  manufactured by either Hitron or two other manufacturers (all have exactly the same cases and specs, only differently in model number), and all of which use the Intel Puma 7 chip. 


So Spectrum apparently cannot guarantee the speed I am paying for because the Puma 7 chip suffers from an inherent defective which prevents it from achieving the upload speed that I am supposed to receive.   


So I am going to ask for a credit for every day I continue to receive bad service.


Would be interested to hear either from Spectrum as to their official position and whether or not they and Intel are working on a fix for the defective Puma 7 chip issues, and would also be interested to hear from other users as to their experience with upload speeds using the new Hitron (or similar Spectrum-provided) Docsis 3.1 modems. 










  • krel_2018krel_2018 Posts: 256
    Dec 09, 2018
    do you have voice service??? if so i would go into a store near you and ask for the technicolor E31U2V1 modem and the SAGEMCOM 5280. i use this for my business and it's fast and rock solid. over the arris TM1602 wich grew a mind of it's own and just rebooted itself alot
  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,208 ✭✭✭✭
    Dec 09, 2018

    You indicate that a year ago you upgraded to 300/20 Mbps internet service from Spectrum, not as a Time Warner Cable legacy customer.  At that time your previous SB6183 modem did appear on Spectrum's approved customer purchase list for use up to 300/20 Mbps service, and it still does.  You should not be expecting to regularly measure download speeds above 400 Mbps unless you are also paying for 400 Mbps service and have replaced your SB6183 modem.

    That said, if your goal is to use your 300/20 Mb service connection, the suggestion offered by krel2018 (one of the many knowledgeable forum members) to exchange Spectrum's SB6190 modem for the Technicolor E31N2V1 is valid.  You also will need to reset your existing router to factory defaults (again) before connecting it to the new suggested modem from Spectrum. 

  • jegesqjegesq Posts: 48
    Dec 09, 2018



    Please read my post again.   Your reply literally has nothing to do with what I wrote.


    The point of my post is that the Hitron modems use the Puma 7 chip, which seems to have the same issues as the Puma 6 chip.   This prevents one from getting the upload speed for which they are paying.  Essentially it seems to have the same defects as the prior generation of modems that used the Puma 6 and which are now the subject of a class-action suit against Arris, Netgear, Linksys, and Intel. 


    I did not ever have an SB6190,  so I cannot return one.


    My goal is to get the 400/20 speeds for which I pay.     While the Hitron is a champ on the download side, routinely pulling down 490-500 mbps,   that modem cannot come anywhere close to 20 on the upload side.  Not even close.  It's simply a bad product, and has all of the bad, negative features as all of the Puma 6 modems (such as the SB6190 which is the modem that kicked off purchasers of that modem bringing the class action suit against Arris in the first place).    I have never owned an SB6190, never said I did.   


    I would, if it was available, get a Technicolor modem (powered by a Broadcom chip),  but those are no longer available from Spectrum in my area.   Spectrum says they are now exclusively using only the crappy Hitron modems for the 400 and Gig tiers.  

  • jegesqjegesq Posts: 48
    Dec 09, 2018



    I do not have voice. 


    I would have liked to have gotten a Technicolor (powered by a Broadcom chip and not a Puma 7 chip).   Unfortunately,  both the Spectrum store people in my area, the tech who came out and replaced my original Hitron, and Spectrum phone support techs all say that Spectrum is only exclusively using the Hitron modems from now on.


    So I am stuck with their modem, unless I want to buy either an SB8200 (which is not yet on the "approved" list, or a Netgear CM600 (which is Broadcom powered, but only works up to 400, and thus is not useful if I ever want to go to the Gig tier).

  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,208 ✭✭✭✭
    Dec 10, 2018

    @jegesq wrote:



    I do not have voice. 


    I would have liked to have gotten a Technicolor (powered by a Broadcom chip and not a Puma 7 chip).   Unfortunately,  both the Spectrum store people in my area, the tech who came out and replaced my original Hitron, and Spectrum phone support techs all say that Spectrum is only exclusively using the Hitron modems from now on.


    So I am stuck with their modem, unless I want to buy either an SB8200 (which is not yet on the "approved" list, or a Netgear CM600 (which is Broadcom powered, but only works up to 400, and thus is not useful if I ever want to go to the Gig tier).

    OR ... you could go back to the combination of your older SB6183 modem and your previous router, running on the 300/20 tier. That's what you upgraded to a year ago that worked for you until you decided to change.   Spectrum is providing their modem to you with no monthly fee, and if it stops working properly they will replace it.  You may not get 400 Mbps DLs, but you will get back your 20 Mbps Up. 

    My apologies for the misunderstanding about the SB6190 you used as a Puma chipset example, even though you never actually owned or 'rented' one. 

  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Dec 10, 2018

    The SB8200 is now on the minimally approved list and most customers report being able to successfully activate it on the 400 tier.


    The Puma 5/6/7 issues usually present themselves with power users transmitting massive amounts of data or doing latency sensitive activities like online gaming or video conferencing. I personally have an SB6190 and have never experienced any of the problems reported. I'm on the 400/20 tier and regularly test at 450/25+ unless I have an icloud backup running.


    Just for sake of completeness, are you sure nothing is running in the background when doing the tests?

  • jegesqjegesq Posts: 48
    Dec 10, 2018



    Yes,  quite sure nothing running in background is affecting the testing;   it doesn't matter whether the tests are run connected directly to the modem or to my Asus AC3200 router (no QoS,  no port redirection, none of the "tools" such as FTP server, etc. running on that).   I can connect my desktop directly to the modem, several different laptops, with AV software disabled, and still get the same crappy upload consistently.  


    I have considered either the Netgear CM600, but that's only Docsis 3.0;  the 8200 is intriguing, but are you certain Spectrum will activate it?   I have seen it advertised only for around $180+, so I'm not interested in a costly experiment if Spectrum decides not to authorize it for both 400 and Gig. 




    Obviously,  I could go back to 300/20.   But I'd still be provisioned for 400/20, and why shouldn't I receive the highest level of service for which I am paying?   


    And when you write that Spectrum will "replace the modem if it stops working"  that sort of begs the question, doesn't it?  Replace it with what?  Another identical Hitron modem with a bad Puma 7 chip?   


    As I wrote,  the in-store reps,  the outside field techs, and the phone support techs are all telling me the ONLY modems that Spectrum is now currently deploying in my service area are the Hitron modems,  the same model as the one I have already, and which Spectrum has already replaced.  


    So what will they replace it with?  Another modem that doesn't work?


    I would buy an Arris SB8200 in a heartbeat if I knew for sure that it was approved and fully supported.   There can be a real-world difference between a modem that is "minimally qualified" and one that is "fully supported", including important firmware upgrades if ever required.    But I do appreciate reds9118's suggestion.  

  • scjrscjr Posts: 73
    Dec 10, 2018

    I use the same modem and haven’t experienced any upload issues. I always get full 470+/20+ speeds. One time we did have a quick power outage here and the upload acted weirdly. After a power down of about a minute and reboot, back to being solid.


    It doesn’t suffer from the same latency issues as the Puma 6. User on dslreports tested here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32152762-


    As far as any other issues that need to be addressed, I’m unsure. It could be a defective unit? Worth a try to swap it out for another. Good luck.

  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Dec 10, 2018

    Here is one of many threads about the SB8200 at DSLR. Users there are reporting firmware updates and successful activations. Also, Amazon has it on sale at the moment.


    Arris SB8200 Support (it seems to work)

  • toolman1990toolman1990 Posts: 151 ✭✭✭✭
    Jan 10, 2019

    I also got one of these Hitron E31N2V1 my upload tops at 15MBPS and once in a blue moon I will get 20MBPS but that is very rare.

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