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Additional email account(s) Not using TWC webmail

brownsfan1brownsfan1 Posts: 1
in Email Jan 03, 2019

Hoping for help...Thank you for reading.

Will do my best to present my inquire, thank you.


I use OE classic-pro email program, similar to the old outlook/outlook express.

It is not a "webmail" type such as the TWC mail in which one can have a main & multiple sub-accounts.

My previous WoW provider allowed multiple email accounts, like five or so for email access using my outlook etc. (not using web based programs).


With my Spectrum, seems now am only allowed one (main) email account address which is the one created when setting up my TWC ID to allow online bill pay / account access etc.

I see no where to enter more than just that one?


When in the accounts set-up section in my email program, seems I can only have this one (TWC ID) email address, as when trying to set up  the sub-email account I set up in their TWC webmail set up address my email program only loads my one mail (TWC ID email address) and has error when trying to access the suc account?

(these are both [email protected] variants, of-course using TWC.COM server address format).


I am aware of the multiple sub emails offered in their TWC mail webmail type program, however I am trying to use my OEClassic pro (outlook type) email program with zero luck trying to bring up my othe TWC sub-account email address.



Is this possible or am I stuck with having to use the one only (TWC ID email address) when using other than their web based TWCMAIL program.

Possibly Im just not entering the info correctly in my email programs account set-up boxes?



I hope this was presented correctly to make sense.


Thank you so very much for any insight & help with this question.

With Kind Regards....


Best Answer

  • dstoffadstoffa Posts: 989 ✭✭✭✭
    Jan 04, 2019 Accepted Answer

    If you can access the sub-accounts from a web-mail interface, and successfully send email to and from these sub-accounts, then the accounts exist.  The problem then becomes a matter of discovering what is broken.


    1.  Are you using the proper server / user / password settings for each sub-account?

    2.  Does your email client support mounting multiple IMPA folders simultaneously?


    This could be a limitation of OE Classic.


    How are you mounting the email boxes?  Are you using IMAP or POP?  There normally would be a "settings" box for each account you mount with your client (OE Classic).


    I use Thunderbird and have no issues mounting multiple email accounts, not only multiple email accounts with one ISP, but mutliple email accounts across several ISPs.

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