Cisco 8742HDC DVR gets stuck on 15 minute jump ahead.

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I've looked thru 12 pages of the forum and don't see this issue mentioned.  I have a Cisco 8742HDC DVR.  When holding down the FF button to jump ahead 15 minutes (and sometimes, just pressing the FF buttom multiple times to get to 4X FF)  - the box gets stuck jumping ahead.   I stop pressing keys and the box keeps jumping forward (or to the end of the recording).  I can leave that recording and start a different one, and that recording will also start to jump ahead by 15 minute increments.


The only solution is to manually reboot the box, and frankly - I'm getting tired of rebooting to resolve every quirky issue.  And returning to replace the box every 6 month to a year is annoying because you lose all your scheduled recordings.


Anyone else seeing this same issue of the box getting stuck on JUMP AHEAD?




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    I have seen similar behavior from time to time.  Not where the box gets stuck, but where the Fast-Forward sometimes does not work.  My recommendation is don't press other buttons when something doesn't work.  Your sending commands to the box that is making it get stuck.


    If this behavior does not sort itself out within a week or so, a cold reboot of the box may fix this:


    • Have your TV and box off completely.
    • Unplug your box for one minute, leaving the TV off.
    • Wait for the time to come back on the box during the boot sequence.
    • Turn the TV on
    • Wait about 30 minutes for the box to populate with new data.
    • Test a recorded show with the 15-minute jump ahead.
    • If this does not solve the problem,  or the issue comes back, I would say, don't use 15-minute jump ahead.


    Does the problem happen with the playback of recorded shows?  On Demand?  or both?  In my case, I get a similar issue with VOD described above.  But the thing is, I don 't use 15-minute jump ahead.  For reference, this involves fast-forwarding  to the 4x position and holding the button down on the ODN Navigator Guide..  I just go out to the 4x position and release the button..


    On commercials, I will fast-forward using the 3x speed.  I have the six-tuner Cisco 9865 DVR, which is a great box!


    I don't recommend swapping the boxes, because you never know what you are going to get in an exchange, and you may get one of the new World Boxes, that has no clock, and many of them run the new Spectrum Guide, which is still very buggy.


    This could even be a software bug with the Cisco 8742.  I would say, don't use the 15-minute jump ahead feature.  Use the other recommendations above.  Hold onto your boxes for as long as you can!



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