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Remote to soundbar kind of working but wont control volume down?

nksprtsnksprts Posts: 7
in TV Equipment Feb 28, 2019

I am having some issues programming my spectrum remote to control my soundbar. I got the sound bar at Christmas and autosynched it with the remote....was odd...at first I could power on/off, and turn volume up but would not turn volume down. I tried again and re-synched it, and BOOM worked great and everything was working great. Recently my remote stopped working and had to exchange it for new one. Was re-synching everything and same thing could control volume and up but not down. Tried to resynch like 6 times and still nothing, wont control the volume down. Can someone help me please!

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  • nksprtsnksprts Posts: 7
    Mar 05, 2019 Accepted Answer

    We can close this ticket. Thank you for all the attempts to help. i ended up just biting the bullet and purchasing a harmony remote which is cotnrolling eveything now and working good. 


  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,167 Lead Mod
    Mar 02, 2019

    Good morning.


    I am sorry to see our forums participants had not been able to help with this.


    It is reported from time to time that it is particular hard to do this with soundbars.

    What brand are you using? Have you since swapped the modem again to see if that 

    was the issue? Is the remote the same model you used previously? Have you contacted the soundbar manufacturer to see if there are any additional codes you can try?



    Julia R.

    Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care

    Lead Moderator-Community Forums

  • nksprtsnksprts Posts: 7
    Mar 02, 2019

    I am using a LG SK1.....I just dont get it...why would it work fine no problem....then I exchanged remotes since my other one wearing out and not working great.  They exchanged the remote for a new one but same model.......Now it wont work volume down....dont get out it works for some things and not that.....Also not sure what a modem would have to do with this, when you ask  to swap it out?


    Yes, I have worked with LG who has had me do like 5 things as far as resetting and this and that and still same results . Saying it must be something on your end as some features are working but not all meaning it was a synching or code issue.....is there any hard codes I can use? for the remote I have  (UR5U-8780L-TWM) only shows one code for LG which is 700 and it does nothing.....I can get it to control volume up and power using the auto-search way...

  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,167 Lead Mod
    Mar 02, 2019

    I'm very sorry, I typed modem but meant remote control. 



  • nksprtsnksprts Posts: 7
    Mar 02, 2019
    Oh yes I tried another remote as well.... It's like it's using wrong code or something that's why it won't work all functions.. Is there anything else I can try?
  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,167 Lead Mod
    Mar 02, 2019


    Most of the codes I find online for the LG Soundbar are 5 and 5 digit numbers which are too long for that remote. 


    I am seeing that people have had good luck with the Harmony 350 Universal remote. 


    I am seeing a lot of LG codes but I am not certain if they will work 

    • LG: 363, 113, 116, 102, 106, 112, 127, 143, 569, 284

    Some of our remotes do take 4 digit codes which research tells me the LG Soundbar

    takes  like the URC1160.


    https://www.spectrum.net/support/tv/program-your-remote/  will give you 

    the ability to check those out. if there is one that is compatible with your cable box you can see if the local store has them in stock. 







  • nksprtsnksprts Posts: 7
    Mar 02, 2019
    Smiley Sad this codes didn't work.... Thanks for trying.
  • nksprtsnksprts Posts: 7
    Mar 02, 2019
    Question... Do the remotes send different codes? Like if I exchange this remote again for another one in the same model would it make any difference? Just doesn't make sense to me that it worked fine before with same model....
  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Mar 04, 2019

    Are we certain 5 digit codes are too long for this remote? Have you tried any of these?






    Edit: these codes are for the URC1160 remote, not the CLIKR-5.

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