Cannot access 5GHz Network on Arris TG1672G Router

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I have been unsuccessful connecting directly to this network on the Arris. I can however connect to the 5GHz network using the WIFI Extender I have but speeds are cut in half when using the Extender. This is a new laptop using an intel 3165ac adapter. Worked fine at other home where I have a Cisco DPC3941t dual band router. The Cisco router supported 802.11ac protocols but the Arris only supports 802.11n protocols. The network adapter will adjust for this older/slower protocol selection.

I am using WPA/WPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES) for security setting on both the 2.4 and 5GHz connections.


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    A few questions. When you direct connected you are not getting an IP? First I would suggest is making sure the one computer is the only device connected via Ethernet. Then powercycle the modem. 


    Are you then getting an IP address?


    @karlbeckman  may have some pointers/information the extender situation. 



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    Let me understand - you want me to hook my laptop to the Arris vis Ethernet?  Only info I get when trying to connect wifi is 'cannot connect'. When I connect to the Extenders 5GHz port I can connect wifi OK. 

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    Yes, the request is to start with a wired connection into the TG1672.  Speed should be set to 100 Mbps, full duplex.  When that works it verifies that the Ethernet adaptor (not the WiFi) in your computer is functioning correctly. 


    Most WiFi cards will automatically downshift from ac to n mode on 5 GHz when that's all the modem can handle.  Is it possible that your WiFi adaptor does not?  Check the WiFi settings in your laptop to see if you have accidentally locked out the 802.11n mode or selected a channel bandwidth that is too wide.  40 MHz is the maximum for the Arris running 802.11b/g/n, just forget about 80 or 160 MHz. 


    The Arris TG1672G is an eMTA gateway device which uses the Puma6 chipset and firmware; both have severe flaws.  If you are NOT a subscriber to Spectrum's VoIP telephone service, there are at least two more options to try.  One is to have Spectrum replace the TG1672 with a newer Spectrum modem+router that supports the 802.11 AC protocol on 5 GHz WiFi channels.  Second possibility is to have Spectrum switch the existing Arris TG1672G into bridging mode and connect your own external customer-owned router, such as another Cisco DPC3941t which works OK at your other residence.You may still see major latency or disconnect issues caused by the Puma6 chipset and firmware.

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    Currently I can connect to the Extender 5GHz port and get around 90M download speeds at  best. The network properties show 200/200 Mbps for receive and transmit and the adapter shows a 802.11ac for its hardware properties. I have the 3165ac adapter set to 802.11ac wireless mode rather than the other setting of 802.11n. So what I am seeing is about half the 5GHz max speeds which is how the Extender is designed. But what I want is to connect to the routers 5GHz port in order to get the max speeds for this modem. I plan on finding out if I can swap the old Arris for  one of the Wave 2 ac routers but because I have voice on the Arris it appears I will need a second  piece of equipment for voice. I know I wont see the 250M speeds like I got with the Xfinity router but I want to get the best I can given I invested in this new laptop from one that only had a 2.4GHz connection. Its interesting that the Wave2 router looks just like the new Xfintity router but I dont think that one needs a second unit for voice. Part of the problem with the Arris is its limited range for the 5GHz port. I also have a 4K TV so I definitely need better speeds not just for the laptop.

    I will have to call tech support and see if they can figure out whats going on with the Arris 5GHz port and why I cant connect to it.

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    There are 3 types of Wave2 Routers - RAC2V1K, 2V1A, and 2V1S. Would you know which one is appropriate? Or what distinquishes one from another? Wasnt obvious from a brief review of manuals.


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    Can I assume there is some detailed info, like a manual, available for this modem? I do not see it listed but thats not to say it is not supported or documented somewhere. I will pass this suggestion on to tech support when i ask about the Arris Wave 2 router.

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    From what I have been told I have to take my Arris router to the 1 and only store and swap it for the Wave2 Router and the eMTA DOCSIS modem you mentioned. Can I assume the twisted pair wire that is currently connected to the old Arris, would be connected to the new voice/modem? Instructions says to connect your phone which of course is not in the same room as my internet equipment. Then for as long as this swap process takes, cable TV is down. I think I saw where I could send the old equipment back via UPS rather than disrupt service by taking the equipment to the store.  Is this correct?

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    I would go to the store once I confirmed I can pickup the equipment and then return the old Arris via UPS, rather than have my home wifi, cable tv and phone down while I take the equipment to the store and do the exchange that way. 

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