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Intermittent outages, after 8+ in home visits / twice a week visits from Maintenance techs

snufalupagussnufalupagus Posts: 5
in Connectivity Mar 07, 2019
  1. Kettle Island, KY 40958
  2. Cable Phone internet (400/20)
  3. Mt favorite part (Hitron Emta E31N2V1 - internet only) and a Ubee MTA DVQ32CB for phone only (the primary owner of the home won't allow a single device as they refuse to move the location of the phone connection.
  4. Arris Router - 153817
  5.  unavailable (Gotta love the block HiTron gui)
  6. both modems "currently" show online however they intermittently show as unavailable.
  7. 400 / 20   ---  473.5 down / 11.8 (ping and jitter did not show)  (Have not been able to capture the speed test results during active event, as speed test is unable to connect due to lose of internet)
  8. Since 12/22 I have been having intermittent outages, with completely sporadic timings. These loss of connections last anywhere from 10 seconds all the way up to several minutes. It also isn't always both services at the same time. 
  9. Current signal page (no MAJOR problems at time of post, however logs (according to techs show a multitude of t3 timeouts) (again these are being provided by chat technicians)
    Frequency Modulation TX SNR
    30.40 Mhz Unknown 48.8 dBmv 33.3 dB
    36.80 Mhz Unknown 49.5 dBmv 33.3 dB
    24.00 Mhz Unknown 50.3 dBmv 32.6 dB
    19.20 MhzUnknown 51.3 dBmv 31.9 dB
    Frequency Modulation RX SNR
    0.00 Mhz Other 0 dBmv Unknown
    Frequency Modulation RX SNR 0.00 Mhz Other 0 dBmv Unknown 849.00 Mhz QAM256 -1 dBmv 35.5 dB
    843.00 Mhz QAM256 -0.5 dBmv 35.5 dB
    837.00 Mhz QAM256 0.2 dBmv 35.7 dB
    831.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35.7 dB
    825.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35.7 dB
    819.00 Mhz QAM256 0.4 dBmv 35.7 dB
    813.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35 dB
    807.00 Mhz QAM256 0.2 dBmv 35 dB
    801.00 Mhz QAM256 0.2 dBmv 34.9 dB
    795.00 Mhz QAM256 0.2 dBmv 34.9 dB
    789.00 Mhz QAM256 0.7 dBmv 35 dB
    783.00 Mhz QAM256 0.9 dBmv 35 dB
    777.00 Mhz QAM256 1 dBmv 35.5 dB
    771.00 Mhz QAM256 0.7 dBmv 35.5 dB
    765.00 Mhz QAM256 0.7 dBmv 35 dB
    759.00 Mhz QAM256 0.5 dBmv 35 dB
    753.00 Mhz QAM256 0.4 dBmv 34.9 dB
    747.00 Mhz QAM256 0.2 dBmv 35 dB
    741.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 34.9 dB
    735.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35 dB
    729.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 34.9 dB
    723.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35 dB
    717.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35.2 dB
    711.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35.7 dB
    705.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35.5 dB
    705.00 Mhz QAM256 0 dBmv 35.5 dB
    693.00 Mhz QAM256 -0.5 dBmv 35 dB
    687.00 Mhz QAM256 -1 dBmv 35 dB
    681.00 Mhz QAM256 -1.5 dBmv 34.9 dB
    675.00 Mhz QAM256 -1.4 dBmv 35 dB
  10. Pole to single 3 way splitter, one line to Hitron , one to Ubee and last to a cable box. Drop has been replaced 3 times, wiring to Hitron has been replaced 2 times in, wiring to other modem / cable box replaced, all within the last 6-8 weeks. 
  11. modem to arris router, single wired connection from arris router using Cat5e cable to pc, 3 wireless devices (have tested multiple wired devices with several different cables, all with same drops)
  12. none that i am aware of
  13. ----
  14. connection issue is noticed mainly when streaming video connections on any website (twitch, youtube, restream) However i have been able to replicated the issue with uploading by attempting to upload a file to google docs / facebook during the outages. Similarly videos will pause / constant buffer and websites will not load during the intermittent outges.
  15. no background task running 


In short what is happening is my upload (as well as download) sporadically drops below usable levels. If streaming at this time, it causes various issues with my video feeds, issues with browsing the net, or makes gaming completely impossible. 

I have had several house technicians, Tqa techs, and supervisors out all saying it was main line issues. Since that point (about 5 weeks ago) i have had twice (or more) often visits from the line workers, finding a few problems here or there. however they are now convinced its not in the main lines (as no one else around me is having any problems, since there has been 5 issues reported on my node in the last 2 months, and im the only one reporting them). This was rationalized as my modem (all of which are spectrum provided) which was switched out for a third time 2 days ago with the issues continuing. The phone modem is also having issues (have  timeout info for that one as well, again tech provided).

At this point, i am really at a lose on how to move foward. I am just needing the connection to (moderately / consistently) provide at least 50% of what i am contracted for as i would most likely never notice a slight slow down (due to how the usage is). However I am beyond discouraged at this point as each time an in home tech comes its a line issue, and even though the line techs acknoledge on occasion there is an issue, they are blaming it right back on the BRAND NEW spectrum provided modem.  (which are on devices watches at this point)

Any insight on how to move foward would be apprecaited. I am an extremely patient guy, however this is now closing in on 3 months of visit after visit and phone call after phone call (to the point i can name off 2 local tqa techs, and know the area line tech and his supervisor on a first name basis with phone numbers) with nothing getting better to this point. 


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Mar 07, 2019

    This is not a modem issue. Replacing the modem multiple times is essentially a "give up." The fact that both the data and phone modems have connection issues should be a big clue of that.  I bet your cable box is also experiencing some type of problem...pixelated picture or having to reboot every so often?


    The upload power levels are very high. Do the splitter outputs all have the same loss (-5.5 dB) or does it have one -3.5 dB and two -7 dB outputs? The data modem should be on the -3.5.


    If nothing changes, keep calling.


    Alternatively you could replace the 3 way with a 2 way (one leg to the data modem and one to another 2 way feeding the phone and cable box) to help reduce those upstream signals.

  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 669 ✭✭✭✭
    Mar 07, 2019
    Line levels are definitely dipping too low. A LOT of potential issues could be in play, which can take a long time to track down (many visits, with different teams). Just a few examples:

    Could be legacy devices still on the line somewhere (like the old signal chokes that attenuated TV channel frequencies that are now repurposed for internet)

    An amp could be having issues (or perhaps it's power supply),.

    The splits could be causing too much signal loss (perhaps they could use a tap instead of a splitter?).

    It could be too much loss across the cables--house wiring may be the old rg-59 (north of 10db loss after 100 ft), in which case running fresh RG-6 could recover a nice chunk of signal (could recover nearly half of the rg59 losses).

    Notice all of these would occur before the modem, as Red stated... this should have nothing to do with the modem, as it looks like a signal quality issue.

    Barring wiring in the home, it is up to Spectrum to resolve the issues. You are using their hardware, and until it gets in your property it is their line. May have to hold firm if they want to bill you for visits dealing with things beyond your in-house wiring and personal devices. It will likely need to get escalated through a couple teams before they get it cleaned up properly, so unfortunately, it may take some extra patience as they move through the process. Stay on them.
  • snufalupagussnufalupagus Posts: 5
    Mar 08, 2019

    I can certianly understand that this type of issue is something that just takes time to resolve, my only issue is that when the Line supervisors and techs say that its an interior problem (by blaming the modem after woring on the lines for 6 weeks) when it is clearly still a main line issue is quite disheartening.

    Though a bit of an update, after calling the line supervisor each time I was availble at work today, more research was done into the issue in my area, and apparently he noticed that the "Signal Floor" was having problems in my area (i did not ask quite for an explanation for this, beyond that it may be what was currently their go to issue) and that a truck roll would be out for that tomorrow (to the node).

    Also apparently (as according to the techs and supervisor) my node is daisy chained into 4 other nodes, which makes finding the source of any ingress nigh impossible. Is this something that  is possible and since i know exactly how the nodes interact with each other, is this something that could be causing my problem as well?

  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 669 ✭✭✭✭
    Mar 08, 2019
    Yes... digital signal processing has gotten quite complicated. They are monitoring multiple characteristics of the waveforms themselves, not just a question of high/low to determine on/off or 1/0 state. All kinds of weird things can distort the waveform... even too sharp of a bend in the cable can impact it.

    And yes... an issue in a nearby node can impact your experience because of the shared pipelines and such. Have you ever experienced an audio cable not seating properly, causing a weird hum in your speakers? Imagine that ground loop feedback/hum hitting the PA system in an office building... every speaker in every room, hallway, elevator, and stairwell on every floor gets that same hum. Same thing can happen wth the CMTS---every modem on the segment can be impacted.

    Once they get the noise cleaned up, you should see the upstream power levels drop and stay below 48, and the downstream SNR levels should move closer to or even just past 40. That is ideally where you want things to be.
  • snufalupagussnufalupagus Posts: 5
    Mar 21, 2019

    As a follow up, i have now had 3 more in home tech visits, and 3 more maintenance truck rolls. The issue is still persisting. The signal levels look better (at least to me) but I still intermittent lose upload and download for 30-45 seconds at a time approx every 30 to 45 minutes (the time between episodes varies greatly, sometimes as little at 5 minutes during the day, to much longer times at night, upwards of 3 or 4 hours). Each side is blaming the other, the maintenance workers will no longer accept my calls and do not follow up on any of the voicemails i leave. (i understand it may sometimes take time, however i have been waiting 6 days now for a response to a voicemail)

    current signal levels are as follows :
    Upstream 4

    Frequency    Modulation    
    30.40 Mhz    Unknown      48 dBmv      34.3 dB
    36.80 Mhz    Unknown      49 dBmv      34.4 dB
    24.00 Mhz    Unknown      49.3 dBmv      33.4 dB
    19.20 Mhz    Unknown      49.8 dBmv      29.1 dB
    Downstream 31

    Frequency    Modulation    
    675.00 Mhz    QAM256      2 dBmv      34.9 dB
    0.00 Mhz    Other      0 dBmv      Unknown
    849.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.7 dBmv      35.5 dB
    843.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.9 dBmv      35.7 dB
    837.00 Mhz    QAM256      4.5 dBmv      35.7 dB
    831.00 Mhz    QAM256      4 dBmv      35.7 dB
    825.00 Mhz    QAM256      4 dBmv      35.5 dB
    819.00 Mhz    QAM256      4.1 dBmv      35.7 dB
    813.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.9 dBmv      35 dB
    807.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.7 dBmv      35 dB
    801.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.5 dBmv      34.9 dB
    795.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.5 dBmv      34.9 dB
    789.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.9 dBmv      34.9 dB
    783.00 Mhz    QAM256      4 dBmv      35 dB
    777.00 Mhz    QAM256      4 dBmv      35.5 dB
    771.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.7 dBmv      35 dB
    765.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.9 dBmv      34.9 dB
    759.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.5 dBmv      35 dB
    753.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.4 dBmv      35 dB
    747.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.2 dBmv      34.9 dB
    741.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.2 dBmv      34.9 dB
    735.00 Mhz    QAM256      3 dBmv      35 dB
    729.00 Mhz    QAM256      3 dBmv      34.9 dB
    723.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.4 dBmv      35 dB
    717.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.4 dBmv      35.5 dB
    711.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.5 dBmv      35.5 dB
    705.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.5 dBmv      35.5 dB
    699.00 Mhz    QAM256      3.2 dBmv      35.5 dB
    693.00 Mhz    QAM256      2.9 dBmv      35 dB
    687.00 Mhz    QAM256      2.5 dBmv      35 dB
    681.00 Mhz    QAM256      2 dBmv      35 dB

    does any have any additional suggestions on how to move foward? I would hate to cancel my service, but if i can't get a reliable connection (as i require at leaste a reliable 6mbps upload for work purposes) i will have to find another carrier.


  • snufalupagussnufalupagus Posts: 5
    Mar 21, 2019

    Had another tech out today (as the maintenance team has refused to answer my phone call attemps for the last 5 or so days). He found the exact same issues as they always find, but also told me that upon his last visit (last week) that he had called the maintenance guy before placing the ticket and was told explicitly by the maintenance team to not bother placing the ticket, as there was nothing they could do or find that was wrong with the lines. Thier solution is to downgrade me back to a surfboard 1602 modem, which according to maintenance will fix the issue. Nevermind the fact that my modem had 37 t3 timeouts yesterday and continuously has both download and upload drops for 20-45 seconds at a time. I have no clue what to do now. I can no longer keep calling to have truck rolls, since in home can't resolve anything and the maintenance issue since they refuse to come back out and address my issues anymore. 

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