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New ODN-Navigator Guide Roll Out (Version 9.0)

SatchSatch Posts: 3,698 helper
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Spectrum subs will be seeing a new version of the ODN Navigator Guide being rolled out to subscribers on the Advanced Set Top Boxes.  This will range over the next several weeks to next few months.  (This will apply ONLY if your box runs the current ODN Navigator software, and does not apply to any boxes that are running the New Spectrum Guide, which is a different operating system, and has it's own updates)


Creating this thread to discuss new features and experiences with the update.  As of March 16, 2019  the update has been released in the following areas:


  • North Carolina
  • California


Features include faster-guide navigation, easier to read guide graphics and the Program Window when searching for shows in the upper-right corner is now sized for 16x9 HD sets instead of 4x3.  Much more to follow as I and others investigate.  Please feel free to post screenshots and feedback about this update.




  • txboytxboy Posts: 4
    Mar 25, 2019

    We received this update in the north suburbs of Dallas where the boxes run Navigator.  So far,  I've noticed the text on the guide is a bit sharper, some of the selection screens in the DVR are slightly different , and while you can still choose between "new" or "classic" versions of the guide, the guide itself is now gray no matter which style you choose.  Before, if you chose "classic", the guide would be bright blue with yellow coloring in the various fields you scrolled or selected.  Now, the fields are still yellow but the guide stays gray.   The "new" style, if selected, looks the same: gray with blue coloring in the various fields.  I think there's a new line at top left in guide (above the channel number column).  It does seem to move faster, and the guide has a slightly more sophisticated/updated look.   I I have a 6-tuner Arris, and I hope I get to keep it for a long time to come!   

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