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Big Button Clicker Will NOT Turn On Or Control DVR Box (RESET CODE FIX)

HecticHectic Posts: 4
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I have had a big button clicker for a few years to control my dvr and the tv. The model was UR3-SR3S and it worked like a charm until the past few days when we had to push a couple buttons multiple times to get it to do something. i went and got a replacement of the same type today but the model number is UR3-SR3M. I got it programed to the tv without a problem but it would not turn on the DVR box or controll any DVR fuctions. It would turn on other set top boxes, just not the DVR. So I contacted Spectrum and was directed to reset the code for the DVR..


To do this,  you need to the following ......


1) Maually turn on the DVR by using the button on the box

2) Turn your tv on. (Its easier to watch the screen go off than watching the light on the DVR)

3) Now on the remote ......Press and hold the CBL and OK/SEL button at the same time for about 4-5 seconds until the CBL button is red.

4)Then enter the code 001. The DVR will turn off. (Screen will go dark)

5) Press the red CBL again to lock in the code in the remote


You should now be able to operate the DVR and any other Spectrum boxes you have with this remote.


Hopefully this tip will save you some time so you do not have to spend time on the phone  (or online) with reps that do not how to solve the issue.


I had this problem once before a few years ago with the same type of remote and knew it was a coding issue but could not remember the code. So I contacted online support today  but the guy had know idea what I was talking about and told me to return the remote. i then talked to two phone rep ladies. The first said she sent new codes to  the DVR box and she restarted the box on her end which caused the box to get an E-8 code during the reboot. She said I had a bad box. So I unplugged the box and rebooted it mysld which the process went fine. She said I needed a new box since the remote would not work with it. I then used the same type of remote for a regular set top box and it worked with the DVR. She wanted to send out a technician to solve the issue. The second said the DVR had to be paired with tv  and would have a technician come out and do so (Really?). I told each one I need the DVR code but neither knew what I was talking about and told me that it was possible that remote was not compatable with DVR boxes and the technician would give me new one. Its funny because like I said earlier, I had been using the same type  for several years. SO......i made a THIRD attempt at placing a call to Spectrum. i told the lady what the issue was and before I mentioned needing a code ... she right away said we need to reset the remote to the DVR with the 001 code. It took less than 30 seconds to do after talking to the very knowlwdgable third lady.  She saved me time of having to return this remote and saved her compny the time and expense (to them) of sending out a technician.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,240 ADMIN
    Apr 11, 2019

    Thanks for posting and sorry for the frustration.  We appreciate your patience.  Let us know, anytime you need assistance.  

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