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By the gig plan for canada use

simbapapasimbapapa Posts: 1
in Spectrum Mobile Apr 18, 2019

The by the gig plan is perfect for me... if the gig includes canada use. I am currently spending so much money on unlimited even when I barely use 100 mb a month because I need about 100mb of data in Canada once a month while making a few calls for a few hours, and it is cheaper to be on unlimited than to have a plan which will charge me $1 per mb for data roaming and international call for phone calls made during roaming in canada.


IF by the gig plan includes canada or I just need to top up a small fee for it, I think there will be a niche market for this wireless plan, esp. for TWC users. A huge following in fact, and one hardcore loyal following because there simply isn't such a plan.


Really I have no clue why am I paying so much to some other company for wireless plan when I never use 99% of it, while using data on wifi either at home or at office 90% of my time. Would happily pay Spectrum for this plan.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,081 ADMIN
    Apr 18, 2019

    @simbapapa , 


    Great question!  Currently, International Roaming is available with Spectrum Mobile.  Specifically, I included links to International Calling and International Services.  Currently, the rate for data roaming in Canada is $0.05 per mb.  International calling from within Canada is currently $0.10 per minute.  Calls and text to Canada from inside the US are free.  For more information, please contact Spectrum Mobile directly at (855) 892-2072 .        

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