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Spectrum TV App no longer auto starts after Samsung Smart TV restarts

Hello Tech Support


This issue was resolved some-time ago but I’ve noticed the issue has once again returned. I have a 2017 Samsung SmartTV and it has a feature that allows the last used app to auto launch when the TV is turned off and then back on.  So after using   the Spectrum TV app and when we turn the TV on, as long as it was the last used application the TV will automatically launch without us having to select the app and wait for it to launch. This process works with every loaded application on the TV except for the Spectrum App. As mentioned this use to work flawlessly under the Time warner regime and worked for quite some time with Spectrum as well. However, with one of the Spectrum application updates that functionality has now been removed. For us it worked perfectly, with no issues whatsoever.  Can this feature be restored or any  plans on having it restored soon?


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Apr 23, 2019

    Wouldn't this be a function of the tv itself? Do you have "Autorun Last App" selected in the settings menu?


    If autorun works with all the other apps what happens to the tv when Spectrum TV is the last app used? Does it default to a different app or a different input?

  • calibrokercalibroker Posts: 6
    Apr 23, 2019

    Yes autorun is and has always been selected. However, as mentioned Spectrum disabled this function within the Spectrum TV app with the last update. It used to work flawlessly, without any issues. When I called and spoke with Spectrum support I was told that they removed that feature from the app with no addtional info given. So I'm using this forum to ask will that feature be restored with the next update? 

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