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Unlocked phone won't stop showing spectrum qnd refuses to connect to other carriers abroad

AliFarhatAliFarhat Posts: 1
in Spectrum Mobile Jun 16, 2019
Hello, my phone is unlocked I bought it from a 3rd party and there were no carriers on it. I switched many times from metro to tmobile to verizon and ending up with spectrum. It was going great until I took my vacation and went to Lebanon. Taking off my spectrum sim card you expect when inserting any other sim card around the world to work, right? Because your phone is unlocked right? Well no that's not the case. My phone keeps asking me to restart to use new sim card and that doesn't work because when restarting the phone it tells you the same and you're stuck in a loop. And when restarting the phone I can see spectrum in the startup of each restarting. Which doesn't make sense because I took the sim cars off. I think Spectrum somehow locked my phone into their carrier only and I am unable to use the Carriers in Lebanon. Any how I talked to "touch mtc" in Lebanon and they troubleshooted my phone saying that the issue was from the carrier in the U.S so don't even bother telling me about that option.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,110 ADMIN
    Jun 17, 2019

    For assistance with Spectrum Mobile, you can visit a Spectrum Mobile store or contact mobile support directly at  1-833-224-6603​​​​​.  

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