Internet connection drops several times a day and this started recently ( about 10 days ago)

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I have been a subscriber to Spectrum for the past 7 months (switched over from AT&T DSL to  get better bandwith).  The   internet speed  ( > 200 mbps)  and voice service  was excellent until about 10 days ago when I started to experience internet connection  failure. I opened a service ticket on July 03 and till date 4 different technicians have  visited me to check things out (the gentleman who came in on July 3rd  replaced most of the connectors and made sure  that the cables were in good condition). They  keep telling me  the cable is good and that  there is nothing wrong that they could point  which is resulting in  internet connection going down.  Yesterday, I replaced their modem with my own Mortorola modem so that I can collect Event Log and help diagnode the issue.  The voice service is still connected to their modem.  This  evening  I had  a diconnection and the Event Log  from the  modem looks ( this was one reason why I decided to have my own modem)  as follows:Screenshot from 2019-07-10 22-18-25.png

The symptoms are the Voice signal will drom first and then the internet connection will drop next.  Here is the summary of the connection information:

Screenshot from 2019-07-10 22-27-54.png

I prefer to stay with Cable modem because of the upload/download bandwidth and I hate to go back to DSL.


My gut feeling is that there is a frayed cable from the pedstal to the  next connection point and I may be wrong.  Can someone who works in this industry tell me what else could be the issue?

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    Thank you for your response.


    This morning a Spectrum representative (QA team member)  came by and took care of the issue.  It was related to an old cable that was connected  to the pedestal  at one end and open  at the other. In addition to that he changed out the spliter in the attic. The connection seesm to be stable.


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    The modem reports a high number of uncorrectable codeword errors; they exceed the number that the data transport protocol was able to self-correct.  That's a bad sign, usually pointing to a loose connector or broken coax cable.  The fault could be somewhere within your home or outdoors on the overhead or underground network.  You definitely need to schedule a Spectrum home service tech visit.


    Meanwhile, please tell us the data speed tier you are paying for (both down and up),  the model numbers of both your existing Spectrum eMTA modem and the Motorola modem (so we can verify that it is certified by Spectrum to operate properly at your purchased speed tier), and describe the new splitter and interconnecting cables.  It would be interesting to also see the status and signal level pages from Spectrum's eMTA modem, but we know that Spectrum often disables the rerport features, which means that neither techs nor customers can see what's going on in the modem. 


    One other possibility:  You may have reduced the incoming signal too much by inserting a splitter and connecting your new Customer-Owned modem.  The splitter should be a 2-way (NOT a 4!-way) and rated for 10 MHz to no less than 1000 MHz.  The cabling should all be RG6 type (NOT RG-59 with a single braided shield) using new compression-style connectors, NOT the obsolete crimped variety.  Last, check the grounding block outside where the cable enters your home.  Check that the ground wire is firmly connected to your electrical system ground rod.  Verify that all outdoor connectors have weathershield boots and are shiny, dry, bright, and tight.  Moisture is not your friend; water rots the cable shield braid and corrodes the connector fittings!

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    Upstream power levels look a bit fishy as well... as low as the downstream is getting, would expect upstream to be pegging 48/49 (may be getting boosted, or downstream is intentionally being reduced). How ever the line is getting attenuated/boosted may be out of sorts (hum from a bad powersupply on an amp, gains need to be tweaked, poor grounding etc).

    Definately need a good on-site inspection of the CPE stuff. A truck roll may be needed as well, depending on what they find.
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    I used to get ~ 230 mbps download and 11 mbps upload when the connection was active.  This morning a  Spectrum  technician came by and resolved the issue that was related to free hanging cable on the pedestal.

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    Thank you.

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    A piece of cable connected at only one end often acts as a big antenna, allowing interference and noise into what should be a closed network.  Glad they were able to locate and repair things so quickly for you. 

    Take note, THAT'S the tech you want if you ever have to call them again. And if Spectrum follows up with a quality check phone survey, tell them how much better this person was than the folks who responded to your earlier calls. 

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