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Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,287 Lead Mod
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Data to post to get help from community: (it is useful to have in one place and current.)

  1. Your location. city, state, zip. Single or multi-family complex.
  2. Services you get from TWC
  3. Make and model of modem
  4. Make and model of router(s)
  5. Firmware level in modem (or, post modem page)
  6. Confirm modem is Online or report otherwise. Login to your twc account and click on troubleshoot. Confirm modem with correct serial/mac has a green dot. 
  7. What are your purchased speeds? What are results from Spectrum speed test. down, up, ping, jitter?
  8. List symptoms using a wired (not wireless) connection with date and time and any repeating pattern
  9. Modem's signal, downstream and upstream, and event log pages. usually accessed at or
  10. Description of your cable wiring from street and throughout house, include splitters, devices, cable type (rg6, rg59) and age, etc. and specifically the where the modem attaches.
  11. Description of Ethernet network from modem’s Ethernet port to router(s) and to any additional devices including cable type, e.g., cat5, cat5e, cat6, etc.
  12. Any recent or coincident changes or upgrades to your system, or any neighborhood changes.
  13. Run pathping (windows command) targeting a site that demonstrates problem, preferably one that is pingable, like rr.com. If pathping is not available as command execute tracert. (Linux command istraceroute)
  14. Mention if you only have connection problems while streaming movies/other or playing games.
  15. Are any background tasks running that upload or download data automatically, e.g., backup programs, torrent client, file/photo/music sync, auto program/app update, etc.?
  16. If unable to paste web page data directly into TWC forum reply window, use a tool like Windows Snipping Tool (free at Microsoft) to copy screen image and paste to web based site likehttp://imgur.com or http://snag.gy . Paste image url into forum reply.

Thank you redrock in Austin, Tx for putting together this list! 


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