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Best Cable Modem

ahsanurahsanur Posts: 23
edited August 21 in Internet 2019 Archive Sep 07, 2019
What is the best cable modem I can get from spectrum? I have access to the Hitron, Ubee, and Technicolor. Please do tell me why you choose that. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it.

The reason I'm asking now is because I noticed that I have these random freeze points where the modems lights are solid but no webpage is loading... which is really weird... I had a tech come out and everything and my signals were good...

Best Answer

  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452 ✭✭✭✭
    Sep 09, 2019 Accepted Answer

    The most current modems are the 3.1 modems that are required for gig tier. There are at least three variants of this modem built to exact same specs...Hitron, Technicolor, and Ubee. The Ubee version is the only one of the three that allows access to the user interface to see signal levels and such, if that interests you. 


    Note that some areas won't give these modems out unless you are subscribed to gig.


  • ahsanurahsanur Posts: 23
    Sep 07, 2019
    I had 5 techs out because I was having very inconsistent speeds. It would go from 200 mbps to 1 mbps every few minutes. Thank God that's been fixed. I never had this problem before with no webpage loading at all. I always had an Ubee modem. When I first installed service it was an Ubee and then when I thought it was my equipment I changed it and I got an Ubee again. But this time around the tech changed it and now I have a Hitron.
  • ahsanurahsanur Posts: 23
    Sep 08, 2019
    Anyone here that can help? Thank you so much
  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,284 Lead Mod
    Sep 08, 2019

    Hello! Welcome to the forums. 

    Some things you can post to help your peers help you can be found here: 






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  • ahsanurahsanur Posts: 23
    Sep 08, 2019
    Oh sorry. Thanks for letting me know. I live in New York 11377.
  • ahsanurahsanur Posts: 23
    Sep 13, 2019
    I have seen many hitrons, few ubee and few Technicolor modems left.
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