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Spectrum upgrades in my area

BerfunkleBerfunkle Posts: 57
edited August 21 in Internet 2019 Archive Oct 02, 2019

Earlier today, I noticed some Spectrum folks doing line upgrades in my backyard. My nearest neighbor is a mile away so needless to say, this was weird.  Aside from informing me that they were installing fiber, they couldn't elaborate on the upgrade. This is a curious situtation because they were installing lines in a place that none existed before. Currently, I get my cable from off the street in the front yard and this was being installed in my backyard on the same pole as my electric. 


Any ideas on who I could call to find out what's going on? Thanks!

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  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,219 ✭✭✭✭
    Oct 02, 2019 Accepted Answer

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but you didn't give us any clue where you are located, so how would we know or even guess at whom you should contact?  Your ZIP Code is enough for the forums while safeguarding your personal information. 

    In general, Spectrum uses fiber for backhaul from their field nodes to the CMTS.  Those fiber routes don't follow the same right of way as the legacy coaxial cable.  So if Spectrum is adding additional nodes in your area to provide additional digital information used for either video program channels or internet streaming, they would need more fiber capacity. 


  • BerfunkleBerfunkle Posts: 57
    Oct 02, 2019

    No offense taken. I live in the 14541 area code.


    Also, it appears you answered my question for the most part towards the end of your post. Thank you. 

  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,219 ✭✭✭✭
    Oct 03, 2019
    Exactly my intention!
  • BerfunkleBerfunkle Posts: 57
    Oct 04, 2019

    This stuff actually interests me out of total curiosity. In the end, they installed 2 lines on the same pole. One thicker than the other. Which do each represent?

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