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Spectrum TV app upgrade (Is it really?)

blackbutterflyblackbutterfly Posts: 5 ✭✭
The new format is frustrating. Did the people that designed it actually use it? It has been months since the new version was pushed out to the Roku Ultras. So, i just knew that ultimately there would an improved version when pushed out to all other Rokus. However, nothing seems to be fixed. First thing, the favorites menu has to be launched at every start up. It's not saved as the default menu. And second, you can't view any other show episode information from the recordings menu. You have to exit, then do a search for the show to find it. This upgrade definitely seems like a downgrade.


  • MariabakermMariabakerm Posts: 2
    Jan 11, 2020

    1000x this! I just got the "upgrade" on my Roku streaming stick and it's so frustrating. Do they beta test at all??? 

    The favorites function was the only thing that made the app usable for me, and the new version is horrible.  When I mark a network as a favorite I don't  need  to see all of the channel numbers available for that same network in the guide; they're all showing the same program. The previous version of the app  let me favorite one channel for each network, fix this please!!!!!

  • nascarpovvernascarpovver Posts: 4
    Jan 11, 2020

    Agreed. Interface seems clunky but I'm noticing much better PQ than previoius version.

  • nascarpovvernascarpovver Posts: 4
    Jan 12, 2020

    …and when I edit favorites the list is not updated either.  Ugh.

  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,287 Lead Mod
    Jan 13, 2020

    Good morning!


    We have gotten reports of issues with the latest Roku update and the favorites. This is something we are investigating and will have resolved as soon as possible. 



  • cinemaiscinemais Posts: 6
    Jan 16, 2020

    Releasing a buggy App version to the user community is unacceptable! Why doesn’t Spectrum provide accces to a beta version of App so that the user community has a chance to test it... also what this new version of the App reveals is incredible sloppiness and inattention to detail on the part of the developers. Up to now, the spectrum (previously Time Warner) app was a model of simplicity and reliability... contrast it with the version of the App done for the Apple TV, which for all it’s flashiness failed to match the effectiveness of the Roku App version.


    Let me enumerate some — but hardly all — of the problems I am experiencing now. 


    1) There was an effort to reduce the size of various elements and fonts. A very simple thing like displaying the current time (upper right corner of the screen) when hitting the down key now is a problem: the time is displayed in a smaller and semi-transparent font. Result, it is very hard to see it from afar.


    2) The Channel Selections Filter control is now stucked to “All Channels” whenever you start the App. Never mind than my preferred setting is for “Recent Channels”.


    3) The tracking of which channel you are on the Channel Filters is screwed up, I think. Say you are watching channel 49... this channel setting doesn’t remain stable when changing filters. Suppose that I start but not complete the motion to change to a new channel ... the channel selector remains on this new channel number and not on the old channel that I am still watching. I suppose you could argue the case both ways... but I think the accepted behaviour was to keep the channel selected setting always to the currently tuned channel.


    Suppose you quick switch between two channels using the Previous control, it should be the case that on every switch the tuned channel number is tracked correctly... but no, the channel number setting lands on another channel completely different than the two channels you are bouncing between.


    And I just uncovered a truly weird interaction. Suppose you quick switch between two channels, say 49 and 631... so far so good. I can repeat this and all is ok. But now while on channel 49, instead of quick switching, I go thru switching channel manually to 631... it doesn’t work, I am stucked on channel 49. Obviously, this is wrong.


    4) Now let’s look at the area of Channel Info Screens... and for this I will use as an example the Turner Classic Movies (TCM). What used to be like three info screens has now expanded into a veritable tree of info screens... I used to be able to get to the synopsis, cast and director names in 2 clicks... now you have to start by doing


    get info -> get more info -> movie info -> cast


    and then further navigating to each cast photo to reveal their names. What used to be a quick-unobtrusive-lookup of the movie essentials has now expanded into an obtrusive process. While more expanded info is welcomed... the balance existing in the previous version of the App has been lost! Also, what used to be info overlay on the movie image is now an overlay of a still photo with sound in the background!


    5) Performance. Subjectively, at least, overall performance of the App has worsened... it seems just about every interaction is accompanied by the infamous “spinning beachball”. I even had a situation where after being on for several hours you get prompted for “do you want to continue watching”. I did hit Ok, got the spinning beach ball ... and it never stopped!!! I had to kill the session and restart. Anyhow, at a glance it would appear that many interactions that used to be transparent before now are interspesed with screen refreshes, ie., the dreaded “spinning beachball”!


    That’s all for now... I am sure there’s more problems but the above is what is obvious at first glance!














  • nascarpovvernascarpovver Posts: 4
    Jan 18, 2020

    Everything cinemais said. Plus I tried to access favorites in which I get the message "no favorites are selected" hmm. Go to guide to set up favorites and do just that. Works except no locals will stick but at  least I have some.

    Switch to Netflix and come back to Spectrum app and favorites are blown out again. Recent channels is a fustercluck of channels I haven't watched.

    What a disaster. 

    It's obvious no beta testing was done and this was rolled out for reasons that defy common sense.

  • mwalsh5757mwalsh5757 Posts: 16
    Jan 21, 2020

    "And I just uncovered a truly weird interaction. Suppose you quick switch between two channels, say 49 and 631... so far so good. I can repeat this and all is ok. But now while on channel 49, instead of quick switching, I go thru switching channel manually to 631... it doesn’t work, I am stucked on channel 49. Obviously, this is wrong."


    Workaround for now - select a channel you don't want first. Then go to the channel you want after the channel you don't want has loaded in.

  • cinemaiscinemais Posts: 6
    Jan 22, 2020

    I wish we could regress to the previous version of the App. It was quite reliable and not much wrong with it!!!

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