Spectrum App Works Differently on New Android Tablet

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On my previous Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet, my Spectrum app would go into landscape mode in Live TV mode, with the channel listings on the left and a preview of the selected channel on the right (see photo).  All I had to do was click on the [  ] icon in the lower right of the preview screen and the channel now expanded to the entire screen.  Now on my new Samsung Galaxy S6 tablet, this view is only available in portrait mode.  It will go to landscape if I expand the channel preview by selecting the [  ] icon.  This makes looking for channels and then selecting one to watch very inconvenient.  How can I fix the Spectrum app to work on my new table the same as my old?  Thanks.




  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,228 ✭✭✭✭
    Feb 07, 2020

    Maybe you should be asking Samsung why your Galaxy S6 tablet doesn't switch between portrait and landscape viewing modes in the same way your previous Galaxy S2 model did.  They might be able to point you to some specific user setting options that cause the S6 to act thay way. 

    If Samsung can't come up with any reason explaining that behavior, THEN you should ask Spectrum if they made a deliberate change to the app software.  Of course, the Galaxy series is an Android device, so you might also have to ask Google who keeps upgrading and modifying their OS package.

  • JPPJPP Posts: 2
    Feb 08, 2020

    Thanks for the reply.  The tablet does work correctly in changing from portrait to landscape and back again on all other programs when rotating the tablet.  It's only when I go to Live TV in the Spectrum app with the channels listed on the left and the preview on the right.  In this view, the program will not go to landscape when the tablet is rotated.  But when I click on the [  ] icon, the preview goes full screen and rotates to landscape.

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