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Spectrum Korean channels display wrong aspect ratio

hugeparkhugepark Posts: 2
I have added on a few Korean channels to our Spectrum TV service (KBS, MBC), and I noticed that the picture quality is poor. It’s mostly because the aspect ratio seems to be wrong (or perhaps it’s because the channel is SD??). If I switch my TV aspect ratio to stretch the screen horizontally then things look like they are supposed to. But obviously that messes up every other channel so this is not a reasonable solution. Anyone else have this problem? Looking for some kind of workaround because I assume Spectrum won’t care to fix.

Best Answer

  • hugeparkhugepark Posts: 2
    Mar 07, 2020 Accepted Answer
    I figured out a good solution! In the settings menu, you can set picture size to “stretch”, and for me, it made the picture appear at the correct aspect ratio. In case it helps anyone.


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452 ✭✭✭✭
    Feb 24, 2020

    This likely isn't Spectrum's issue to fix.  If the network broadcasts an SD 4:3 signal then Spectrum will transmit it as an SD 4:3 signal.  As you can see, SD can look horrible on new HD and 4k televisions.

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