Streaming issue with TLC Go

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Hopefully this is the correct forum for this question. I've downloaded TLC Go, but cannot authenticate through Spectrum to login.

I'm getting various errors from the simple username or password is incorrect, to "we've noticed you haven't done anything in a while. Please open a new window and try again," to "account owner has blocked access to this content or is not subscribed to an eligible video package. "

I'm the account owner and I haven't blocked anything. I have access to TLC as part of my channel lineup, so I don't understand why it's not working.

I called tech support and they gave me the username and also told me that same username is what I would use to login to MySpectrum to pay my bill each month. I think this is part of the issue I'm having. The username they gave me is not the username that gives me access to MySpectrum to give me account access. That same username with various password combinations is one I've tried with TLC Go and that gives me errors that the username or password doesn't match the records.


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    Mar 25, 2020

    Good morning.



    What type of Android are you using? The Website says it is supported on Android but 

    does not show what devices specifically.   We have found that many of the channel apps are not supported on the Fire Stick and Fire TV although the app does not specify that for that channel.


    You are able to watch that channel on the Spectrum TV app?  Are you at home or somewhere else? 



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    Mar 25, 2020

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I've also tried using the firestick. Either way, I have to login and the end result is the same: Error message saying account owner has blocked access to the content or is not subscribed to an eligble video package.


    I have TLC as part of my channel lineup. I'm limited with what I can watch in the SpectrumTV app because for some reason, I am required to have Spectrum internet in order to watch all channels in SpectrumTV. SpectrumTV only has live and OnDemand, not full seasons of every TV show like I would have access to in the TLC Go app.

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