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Casting from Spectrum App to TV

mwolf153mwolf153 Posts: 2

I cannot cast from the Spectrum TV App to my TV.  This worked in the past, now it doesn't.  I can cast from other apps from 3 different devices so it is not my TV or the device that is the problem.  Oh, I have a Smart TV, but I cannot add the Spectrum App to it so that is not an option. And, I contacted Spectrum about 2 weeks ago and they told me that this is a known issue that should be resolved soon.


  • mwolf153mwolf153 Posts: 2
    Apr 05, 2020

    From the Spectrum Chat:


    Them: I apologize, I see that we are still currently experiencing a service interruption with regards to this service. Although we do not have an estimated time of restoration, I can see that we have our most knowledgeable technicians on the scene and working fast and hard to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. I am showing that the fix is pending with a future available update of the app itself.

  • tscurlotscurlo Posts: 2
    Apr 05, 2020

    I ended up getting a ROKU Ultra to do this on my TV.   (No SmartTV in my house).

    I got it last Christmas for $50.00..... They are normally $99.99.

    Anyway.... It works great!!!!   In fact....   their are 61 channels in my regular Spectrum TV package that are supposed to be HD....  but they show up on my HDTV as SD pictures.


    When I pull them up on my ROKU.... they are FULL screen normal HD pictures on my TV.


    I contacted them on Chat.... but they said I needed a Tech to Roll..... after working with them for a bit on it.     I said.... Nope.....  not while the Virus is going on.   Will have them come out later.

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