Can Spectrum VOD Movies Now Be Ordered Remotly?

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Can you now order Spectrum On Demand Movies to rent through remote DVR Manager? For years, I thought that impulse selection rental was by box only. But Spectrum now offers "Video Store" with options (seemingly) to order through your computer or mobile device being logged into your account.


As a side note, I don't think Remote DVR Manager works on World Boxes running Spectrum Guide yet? If you can order On Demand Remotely, do you also have the option to watch On Demand Remotely or through the cable box?



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    Hi @Satch , 


    The short answer is YES!  


    From Transactional Video on Demand FAQ


    "With Spectrum Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD), you can rent On-Demand videos through your Spectrum receiver, Roku and You can also playback purchases made on those devices on your mobile iOS and Android devices as well as Samsung TVs. Currently, Transactional Video on Demand is not supported on Apple TV or Xbox devices."


    However, you cannot rent through the mobile app or Spectrum TV app DVR manager.  You need to initiate the rental through the cable box / receiver, Roku, or online.   Once the rental is started, you can pause and resume on one of the other listed devices, including your mobile phone or tablet that is logged into the same account.  You can also restart or re-watch the rental on a different device during the valid rental window.  Be aware that it may take a few minutes for the rental to sync all available devices.      


    More details are in the link provided, thanks for the question! 

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