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Roku Spectrum App Freezes when selecting "Favorites"

HedjhawgHedjhawg Posts: 1
edited January 5 in Spectrum TV App Tips, Resources & FAQs May 13, 2020

I have a total of nine Roku devices from Streaming Sticks to an Ultra.  While the following issue did not start at the same time on each device, they are all now equally affected.


When selecting "Favorites", the app locks up.


I can use "All Channels", "Local",  "News",  "Movies", etc, they always lock on selection of "Favorites".


I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app, Reset Roku, etc.


Problem persists...




  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,753 ADMIN
    May 13, 2020

    Sorry for any issues with the app on Roku.  Are you also getting an error message?  Have you tried restarting the modem? 

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