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Frequent disconnects after installing new Askey RAC2V1K router and Spectrum E31U2V1 modem

kpanghmckpanghmc Posts: 4
in Connectivity Jun 17, 2020

I received a new router and modem in the mail 4 days ago with a note saying that I had to swap out my existing router/modem for these newer models otherwise I would experience a service interruption in the upcoming weeks. After installing the new router and modem, I've been getting interrmitent disconnects across all my devices.


I've called Spectrum support and they've tried a few basic troubleshooting steps to not avail. A tech came out and tightened some loose coax cables, but that didn't solve the problem either. I have a tech coming out in the next couple of days but was wondering if there's anything else I can do to help troubleshoot or see if anyone else has been having the same issues.


Using PingPlotter, I can see that there's consistent packet loss immediately after the 


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Jun 17, 2020

    After connecting the new devices, did anything on your network change? Name, security setting, etc. Did you reboot all your devices after installing the new equipment? Do the disconnects occur on all devices or only wired? Only wireless? Both?

  • kpanghmckpanghmc Posts: 4
    Jun 17, 2020
    Nothing on the network changed. It is across every device, regardless of whether it's plugged in directly or over WiFi. I've restarted these devices as well, to no avail.
  • kpanghmckpanghmc Posts: 4
    Jun 18, 2020
    So I tried a few things to isolate the problem and have managed to significantly improve the situation by temporarily removing a coax splitter (I'm without cable TV due to this) and swapping out the router for my Google WiFi. My disconnects have mostly went away and I can see on pingplotter that my packet loss has went away as well.

    I'll talk with the tech tomorrow to see if maybe I just have a bad coax splitter or if I need a signal booster or something.
  • kpanghmckpanghmc Posts: 4
    Jun 19, 2020
    Just to close the loop here. Tech came in and took a look. Replaced the splitter and coax cables going to my modem and cable tv box. Didn't do any good as the disconnects came back shortly afterwards.

    I just gave up and got rid of the splitter and am living without cable TV for now on one of my TVs. Internet issues have went away once I stopped using a splitter. Not ideal, but not worth the trouble.
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