Caller ID on TV Now Being Rolled Out to Spectrum Guide Boxes

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Just got a report that Caller ID on TV (Offered for all Spectrum Subs with CATV/Spectrum Voice (Landline) services) is being rolled out to  the New Spectrum Guide boxes in former TWC markets,





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    Jun 25, 2020

    That's good news! Do you have an ETA or know if this would include the Spectrum 200 box?

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    Jun 25, 2020

    @MidwestSteve wrote:

    That's good news! Do you have an ETA or know if this would include the Spectrum 200 box?


    When your area releases the update, all World Boxes will get Caller ID on TV as long as the customer subscribes to both Spectrum CATV and Spectrum Landline phone services. Caller ID on TV will take up to 24 hours to show on a new or swapped box if it is out in your area.


    I don't have a timeline for when Caller ID on TV will hit world boxes in legacy TWC markets concerning states or cities.  Hopefully it will be within the next several months.  Could even be weeks.  I don't know how involved the software update process is to get that feature out to all World Box areas.

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    Will there be a dedicated channel where you can see the history of your calls received.?, as I already am notified when someone is calling me as it flashes on TV screen.

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    Sep 08, 2020

    Hey Guys,

    Looking for any updates on Caller ID on TV available in former legacy TWC areas and former Brighthouse Networks areas on World ('No clock) boxes. This update does not apply for former legacy Charter areas, who have had this feature for some time.. Former legacy TWC/BHN areas, if you can, list your state for Caller ID on TV on World Boxes. So far, only California areas seem to have this feature. Remember that not only must Caller ID on TV be out in your area., you must also have Spectrum Landline Services and Spectrum Cable TV services to get Caller ID on TV.



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