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Why is there a delay in email messages being delivered?

DataGuruDataGuru Posts: 1
in Email Jul 06, 2020

Why is there such a delay between the time an email can be sent to my Spectrum email account and when it finally shows up in my inbox? I am frequently encountering issues with different websites attempting to send me an email message to confirm my identity, reset a password, etc - in some instances, the special code being sent via email needs to be entered within 30 minutes.


At 10:04AM today, I had to reset a password on an website that I haven't used in over a year and a verification email that contained an access code that I needed to enter into the website was sent to my TimeWarner email address. It is now 11:46AM, I have checked my inbox, my spam folder, the trash, etc. and the email has yet to be delivered. (A few weeks ago, I attempted to reset my Ticketmaster password and the verification email was never delivered until the next day!)


This is a common issue that myself and several family members encounter have started experiencing lately as more and more websites have start using a multi-layer security model. 



  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,341 Lead Mod
    Jul 14, 2020

    Good morning.


    I am sorry nobody chimed in!  If you are still having trouble one thing I would suggest is 

    deleting some of your unwanted emails. Could be a storage issue. 


    Are you seeing delay when you are sending email? 



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