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Returning equipment to another spectrum location out of state

Fjd1075Fjd1075 Posts: 1
in TV Equipment Jul 07, 2020
Hi I have a summer home in Maine, since the spectrum location was too far away up there. I decided to return a digital adapter back to a Spectrum store near where I live in Massachusetts. Unfortunately they couldn’t scan it back in their system, and wrote me a return receipt. They said they would email Spectrum up in Maine to tell them it was returned. How long will this process take usually to have the adapter removed from my account?

Best Answer

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,083 ADMIN
    Jul 09, 2020 Accepted Answer

    Generally, you should see returned equipment removed from the account within two billing cycles.  Please be sure to keep the receipt until you see the equipment is no longer on your bill.  For additional questions about this, please contact us directly.  

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