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inconsistent upspeed

notwhiznotwhiz Posts: 2
in Connectivity Jul 15, 2020

I've been using this line for years, streaming/gaming an for the last week my upload speed has been very unstable, I haven't been able to stream at all, I've had 3 techs visit me in the last 5 days an the problem hasn't been resolved, I have the 400/20 service but my uspeed is all over the place, especially when I'm trying to stream, its just unwatchable,  at first I thought it might be from my end but after hard wiring to my modem, had the modem changed twice, trying  different pcs, I was convinced, so I went to my aunts house 5 mins up the street with my streaming rig an did a couple test (obs streaming app) , it was buttery smooth like it usually is for me. heres some screenshots, what do you guys think?


My line, hard wired to modem (E31U2V1)

My house.PNG



My aunts line to modem  Spectrum 200/10 (TM1602)

Aunts House.PNG




Tests from my line

google fibre.PNG


speedtest.PNGspeedtest 2.PNGtest 3.PNG


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Jul 15, 2020

    I can't yet see the screenshots until they are approved, but in the meantime what did the techs say? Did they just replace the modem and leave? Also want to confirm you are having issues with upstream and not with downstream...is that right? 

  • notwhiznotwhiz Posts: 2
    Jul 15, 2020

    Its just the upload, the download seems fine, I can get a consistant 470+ on most speedtest, but the uploads always  < 10, I usually get 20-27, first tech said it might be my router but I had the same issue wired to the modem, he removed a splitter from the box outside connected a new header, ran some test, said hes getting the correct speeds on his device, but I wasnt the same when I ran speedtest on the pc, second tech changed the modem he saw what was happening he was saying these new modems are kinda wanky he ran some test as well, I tried streaming an his device had an error, the issue wasnt resolved still, even had him try his personal laptop, his still wasnt getting the speeds, so after trying multiple pcs I just went to my aunts house, I was streaming just fine over there. 

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