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I just upped to the 950D/35D package in an attempt to get greater upload speed.

91Hokie91Hokie Posts: 5
in Connectivity Jul 16, 2020

I just upped to the 950D/35D package in an attempt to get greater upload speed.   Did have 300/20 (old package--and was being over charged).  


My speeds actually dropped after the new modem was installed.  The 950 service does require a new modem.  I'm maxing out at 10up and 300 down.  Both wired and wireless in the same room as the routher.  I do get slightly better speeds w/ the provided router, but I don't want to use it....I have multipe devises running on a higher end Asus router w/ a an old Asus router running their AI Mesh.  


I had a tech out 2 weeks ago and he thought he fixed the upload problem.  He changed multiple splitters and said he found noise.  I got the full 20 while he was here.  1 hour after he left we were back to 5<.  


I have noticed that my upload speeds are much better at night.  For the last several weeks we've had issues w/ video conferencing.  We can see and hear others fine, but we cut out and our video contantly pikels to others on the calls.


I do have an elevated tech coming on Monday.  


I'm wonering if this is the classice example of why you don't want cable internet form 10 years ago???  I may have seveal other neighbors working from home on the street and there's only so much bandwidth to go around.




  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,189 Lead Mod
    Jul 19, 2020

    Good morning! Thank you for your participation in the forums! 


    Your post has been separated from the other thread as your issues are not related to the OP for that thread. 


    You an find some information to post here: DATA-TO-POST-TO-GET-HELP-FROM-THE-COMMUNITY  that will help to narrow down and diagnose your issues. 



  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,206 ✭✭✭✭
    Jul 19, 2020

    First suggestion will be to connect your computer directly to the modem's LAN output, using a standard CAT-5e ethernet cable/patchcord.  This will be a Gigabit (940 Mbps) connection.  This step bypasses your router, WiFi, and Asus mesh network so the modem and computer get the full data transfer speed available on the cable drop line.  Then run Speedtest using Spectrum's Speedtest site link and record the up and down speeds. 

    Report that detail back to the forum, along with the other information that the community volunteers need to analyze your connection issues.  When you reconnect afterwards, you need to reset both the modem and router to factory defaults by following the instructions in your user manuals. 

    Significant speed improvements while using the pure wired connection indicate setting errors or configuration problems that restrict data flow through the user-provided networking equipment. 

  • 91Hokie91Hokie Posts: 5
    Jul 22, 2020
    I tried this with 2 different computers & both only get a max of 300’s down. One of the computers has a higher end end ethernet card that has worked fine on other wired networks, but even the other is rated to 1000.

    We get a higher speed with WiFi (400’s) vs Ethernet.

    We saw no sign of any tech visit - even though we were told it was scheduled for Monday.

    We have called & held for hours. Tech support doesn’t pick up & we don’t get a call back if we select that option.

    Beyond frustrating.
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