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Thin line across the screen once in a while and resolution.

Jim2413Jim2413 Posts: 12 ✭✭✭
in TV Equipment Jul 29, 2020

Hello, I am new to Spectrum and have two questions, the picture is great, however every once in a while I get a very brief thin horizontal thin line like the broadcast is trying to break up then it very very quickly goes away.. Sometimes it doesn't occur then maybe every couple of minutes for about a second the thin horizontal line appears. Secondly, every time I turn on the Charter 210 box my resolution is set back to 720p, and a screen upgrade prompt appears, sometimes that fixes it, but other time I have to go into video settings and set it back to 1080p, while tv is on no problem , but when I turn it on again it is at 720p, I suppose I could could just leave the receiver on and just use the tv button to turn on the tv, but would like to know if anyone has any tips to give.

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  • Jim2413Jim2413 Posts: 12 ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020 Jul 29, 2020 Accepted Answer

    Line occurs every so often could be minutes, or not at all during any program , totally random, haven't noticed it during a specific show yet.. . I am using a Spectrum 210 box and duration is less then a second and the line is pencil thin too, that is how quick it is doesn't mess the quality of picture up just that brief line across screen. I should mention that Spectrum could not use the cable outlet inside as installer said there was no signal. Instead he ran a cable from the cable box outside and drilled a hole in the outside wall from there he ran a cable into the router, then used a splitter and used several separate lengths of cable that he connected to run behind some bookcases thru a hole he drilled in an inside wall under a carpet with the end connecting to the cable box. I did check all hdmi connections(re- connected them) and checked to to see if the cable was not loose at the cable box. So I will monitor the situation. Other than the brief line across the screen once in a while for less than a second picture looks great.

    And about the screen resolution bug , I figured something like that , hopefully an update will fix the screen resolution bug in the future, but in the meantime as you suggested, I can just leave the cable box on and just use the tv button on the remote to just turn the tv on.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,056 ✭✭✭✭
    Jul 29, 2020

    Hello Jim,

    Some questions about the issues:

    1.) How often does the line occur? Seconds? Minutes? You said it's quick. Wonering how quick?

    2.) Does the line problem occur on some channels more than others? At certain times of the day or night more than others? How long have you had this issue? Is this on your Spectrum 210 box?

    3.) There was a firmware update to New Spectrum Guide boxes, where the screen resolution message is a bug on some boxes. If this is bothersome, you can leave the box on all the time, and just power off the TV with the TV button on your remote. There is almost no difference in wattage or electricity using this method.

    4.) If the line problem gets worse, my suspition would be a signal or drop line issue, and you would need a tech to be dispatched to your home for a signal and drop line test.



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